Come Dine With Me’s most explosive showdowns – from guests booted from dinner table to VERY personal insults

COME Dine With Me always offers contestants a mix of laughs, company and chat, but fans love it best when there's an epic showdown.

The aim of the Channel 4 show is to show off your dinner party hosting skills in a flourish of three courses and after meal entertainment.

The number one rule is to try to make everything from scratch, swiftly followed by the unspoken vow to declare if you haven't baked the bread or whisked the air-filled meringues yourself.

Tensions are always high as contestants stress out over preparing the perfect meal, but also because they're battling to win the £1,000 prize money.


Peter Marsh will go down in British TV history for throwing one of the most ridiculous tantrums.

Often described as the most cringeworthy episode in the cooking show's history, it saw the salesman from Oxfordshire fuming after finding out that he had come last in the competition.

In the clip, Peter's face drops as he finds out that he's come last but shakes his head at fellow contestant Jane.

She says: "I don't know why you're shaking your head at me."

He responds, deadpan: "You won, Jane."

As she gasps "oh my god," he tells her: "Enjoy the money, I hope it makes you very happy."

"Dear Lord, what a sad little life Jane. You ruined my night completely so that you could have the money. But I hope you spend it on getting some lessons on grace and decorum because you have all the grace of a reversing dump truck without any tyres on."

They laugh awkwardly as the other female contestant, Charlotte, says that she "doesn't get it", to which he responds: "Well you wouldn't, let's be honest, there's nobody in there love."

Peter then demands: "So Jane, take your money and get off my property."


DJ Kev Riley, who appeared on the Channel 4 show in 2012, left viewers baffled when he shoved a whisk into his mouth.

Kev has become one of the most recognisable contestants following that bizarre scene.

He showed off his party trick while whipping up a layered cheesecake for his four dinner party guests.

The popular moment has since become a meme on social media leaving the star howling.


Heather Horsfall bursts into tears and ran off set after coming fourth on her episode.

Heather was joined by landscape gardener Toby Pullen, DJ Zaira Sheikh, author James Littleworth.

"I don't believe this, I really don't," the self-confessed lady of leisure said, upon unravelling the scroll which revealed she’d come in last place.

"You put me fourth. No, seriously, I think you all have obviously given me a low score," she added. "I'm really sad about that. You've really peeved me off actually."

Heather appeared to go into a full meltdown, raging: "No, because my food was better than any of yours. My presentation was amazing. Far better than any of yours. And I came fourth?

Heather fumed: "I am so upset with you all of, I could’ve given you a zero because yours was s**t,” she shouted and pointed in Zaira’s face. “Do you know what, I don’t deserve fourth. 

“Sorry, I’m going to bed, forget it, that is so sad,” and with that she left the room. 


Kathryn Hoskisson blamed her "northern brand of humour" when she forced fellow contestant to wear a paper bag over his head.

She had labelled him, the most unattractive man I'd ever seen" and proceeded to put the bag on him.


Jealousy reared its ugly head in this episode which saw one contestant storm off after feeling a bit inferior.

Of the four contestants two were female and two male, but one of the men was slightly beefier than the other, a detail the women couldn't help but notice.

The other bloke wasn't happy with the compliments dished out to his competitor.

“You know what I have had enough of this," he said as he started to storm off.

"You’re embarrassing me girls… there’s four of us at this table. I've had this all blooming week."


Come Dine With Me's viewers were left in hysterics when the show's narrator could not figure out what a contestant had cooked up.

So, the narrator simply referred to it as 'a mess.'


Competitors on this episode were horrified to find their dinner being served on top of a naked man.

Following the trend of 'naked sushi', where the Japanese cuisine is served on the body of a naked person, it didn't quite seem as exotic on top of a dining table in suburbia.

"I think the man on the table, with the body hair and the rice sticking in the belly button – that's going to put me off sushi for the rest of my life," one contestant admitted.

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