Connor B Defends Greg After Katie Implies He Was Gaslighting Her on 'The Bachelorette'

Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo’s breakup on The Bachelorette was truly the most dramatic thing ever, and resulted in Katie literally logging off Twitter due to the !!!! of it all. TLDR, Greg reacted…not well…when Katie didn’t declare her feelings after his declaration of love—and a lot of people felt he was gaslighting her. Including, ahem, Katie herself. Despite logging off Twitter, she went ahead and hopped on Instagram after the episode to share a slide about the meaning of “gaslighting,” a pretty clear indication of her feelings toward Greg.

Which brings us to Connor B, who hopped on Twitter to defend his friend, saying “Relationships are nuanced. Breakups are nuanced. Sometimes there’s not a good guy or a bad guy. Sometimes cameras and tweets can’t accurately capture the complexity of real life. Kindness is free, love is complicated.”

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