Coronation Street fans furious as Geoff Metcalfe locks Yasmeen in a box – and blames her for it – The Sun

CORONATION Street viewers were horrified after Geoff Metcalfe locked Yasmeen in a box – and then convinced her it was her own fault.

The abuser – who is played by actor Ian Bartholomew in the ITV soap – trapped Yasmeen in the magic trick box before refusing to let her out and going to the pub instead.

Claustrophobic Yasmeen sobbed and screamed for help before passing out hours later when stepson Tim found her in it.

She covered for Geoff before privately confronting him but he manipulated his way out of it.

Yasmeen told him: “I know you explained it all to Tim before but you were lying, weren’t you?

“And because I know what a lovely kind thoughtful man you are I’m asking myself how knowing I’m claustrophobic how you could be so cruel?”

“You know what my mother would tell me right now, God rest her soul, she’d say, ‘You run Yasmeen, you run for the hills’.

She told him: “You have to understand that sometimes I’m scared of you.”

After failing to convince her it was a mistake, he then told her it was a trick and when that failed he turned on the waterworks and pretended his ex abused him.

He said: “I would never hit you, only cowards hit women and I’m not a coward. I’ve never fully told you about Tim’s mum, have I?

“She scared me, that’s real abuse. She left scars all over and here. I will not let her win, I love you so much.”

But as Yasmeen tried to end things, he grabbed her and broke down forcing her to delay ending things and giving him more time to manipulate her.

The horrifying scenes left viewers in tears and begging Yasmeen to escape.

One wrote: “Geoff has seriously locked poor Yasmeen in that box! This storyline makes me so angry I hate him!!"

A second said: "#coronationstreet is hard to watch tonight. How can Geoff be so evil? Locking poor Yasmeen in that box, and the cruel things he's saying. He needs to get caught, and soon! I hate him so much. #Corrie."

Another added: "This Geoff storyline is getting too much – he knows Yazmeen is claustrophobic and he’s locked her in his magic box! I hope Geoff gets found out soon! #Corrie."

Someone else said: "As if #Geoff has locked #Yasmeen in a box. what an absolute bully! Something needs to be done about him!!!! He makes me so mad #corrie @itvcorrie"

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