Coronation Street spoilers reveal there are developments in Stus case

Spoilers reveal plenty of drama on the cobbles this week with departures, rekindled romances and aroused suspicions on Coronation Street.

Alya (Sair Kahn) is convinced that Stu’s (Bill Fellows) ex-wife Lucy knows more than she’s saying about the murder case. Although she wants to investigate her suspicions, Stu decides he wants to leave it all in the past now that he has reconnected with his family. However, Alya can’t shake the feeling that something is awry and sneakily gets a DNA sample from Lucy to see if she can link her to the evidence. Will she get the answers that she’s looking for? And how will Stu react when he finds out what she's done?

The newest barmaid to grace the Rovers, Glenda (Jodie Prenger), spies an opportunity when Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) falls ill. Seizing her chance she offers to step in as the host of the Rovers quiz night. However, to her great disappointment, Jenny rallies and decides that she will host the quiz after all. But Jenny later slips on the floor that Glenda has just mopped, and has to go to A&E, which ensures Glenda is back in the spotlight. Later, Jenny tells Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) that she thinks Glenda orchestrated her accident.

After tip toeing around each other for weeks Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) and Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) decide to make a go of their relationship again. But after all the drama the last time they were a couple how will their families react to the news?

After last weeks events James (Nathan Graham) realises that he really enjoys coaching. When he is offered a coaching job in London he makes the decision to leave the Street much to the disappointment of his family.

Having volunteered to work on the upcoming play Ken (Bill Roche) realises he is spending a lot of time writing Wendy’s (Roberta Kerr) role. It begins to dawn on him that he has feelings for her. But given their complicated history and his families feeling towards her will he act on them?

Elsewhere Aaron (James Craven) steals his dad’s wallet in an attempt to stop him buying booze. However when he takes a look inside he finds some cannabis in it. He decides to use it to make some brownies and he and Summer (Harriet Bibby) get high on the treats. But the bishop unexpectedly arrives and makes a beeline for the cakes which causes a lot of trouble for the pair!

Following this incident Paul (Peter Ash) has a go at Aaron and accuses him of leading Summer astray. Fired up he grabs Aaron’s arm, not knowing it’s bruised following an attack by his dad. Arron lashes out in pain and punches him. Will Summer understand what happened and will Paul forgive him?


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