Coronation Street viewers horrified as Gemma's mum Bernie strips naked to seduce Chesney before the watershed

CORONATION Street viewers were left horrified tonight within five minutes of the first episode beginning.

The episode began with Chesney Brown coming into his house to find Gemma Winter's mum Bernie completely naked in the living room preparing to munch on her toast.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," a flustered Chesney said.

"I didn't mean to walk in on you," he added as Bernie simply sat down at the table and laughed at him.

"Where are your clothes? Do you want me to get them for you?"

"Oh I don't want them. It's 10am on a summer's morning. I mean I wouldn't go out dressed like this but in the privacy of my own home, correction, your own home…"


She then asked him if he wanted to upstairs and get into bed, saying: "You never know, I might even join you."

Then pulling herself up to her full height and walking to behind Chesney, she said: "Do you have a problem with me being naked?"

"You're too sweet for our Gemma, no wonder if didn't work out. Don't you fancy a piece of my toast?"

The scene disturbed viewers watching at home which came before the watershed and despite not being explicit, it was disturbing.

One wrote: "WTH is going on with Corrie? #corrie."

A second said: "Is this meant to be funny? #Corrie"

A third commented: "If this scene was the other way round it would be absolutely unacceptable #corrie."

Another added: "Omg i want to throw up #corrie gemmas mum ewwwww."

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