Coronation Street's Carla Connor's ex Lucas Kempton will stalk her says shock fan theory

CORONATION Street fans are convinced Carla Connor’s ex-Lucas Kempton will become obsessed with her and subject her to a stalking ordeal.

The businesswoman – who is played by actress Alison King in the ITV soap – was left shocked when old flame Lucas arrived on the cobbles last month.

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He turned up in the factory looking to use Underworld for a big new contract for his new northern office – despite it being on the other side of the pennines.

Lucas then asked Carla for a dirty weekend away and tried to convince her that it would be a mistake for her to stay with alcoholic Peter Barlow.

At first it looked like Carla was going to go with Lucas but at the last moment she changed her mind.

Returning to Peter, she insisted it wasn’t too late – but it has been confirmed that Lucas will return to the cobbles soon.

And actor Glen Wallace will make several appearances over the coming months.

Now fans are convinced that Lucas won’t be as good a guy as he first appeared.

They are sure he will turn out to be a stalker who is obsessed with Carla and who will put her through a terrible ordeal.

One wrote: “That Lucas apparently becomes obsessed with Carla for months and will become very stalker like or something. 

“Maybe they could have her relapse after that, I mean psychosis can be triggered off by any form of trauma including something like stalking.”

A second said: “I'd prefer Lucas and Carla together but he supposedly becomes obsessed with her. just another Tony Gordon/Frank Foster situation again.”

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Another added: “Carla's best male partnerships were with the business-oriented men like Paul, Tony, Frank (obviously until they all turned bad). 

“She works best when she's with a strong, ambitious man and they work as a team. Not when she's having to take the lead and support someone weaker than her (Nick, Peter). 

“And I definitely think Lucas could fit that type of role.”

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