Coronation Street’s Evelyn Plummer star brands Queen ‘a geezer’ after set visit

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Her Majesty spent time on the set of much-loved ITV soap Coronation Street earlier this year where she met the cast including Dame Maureen, William Roache and Barbara Knox. The soap star recalled her meeting with the Queen as she joined Richard Madeley and Susanan Reid on Good Morning Britain admitting everyone was “in love with her”.

“She was such a geezer, I can’t tell you!” Maureen exclaimed.

“We were all in love with her, even the most hardened, you know, the guys in the green room saying, ‘I’m not putting a jacket on.’

“Because out she popped from a her plum-coloured car and talked to everybody, ‘Oh you’re sound are you? So you’re not in the…’ and she asked me about my dog.”

Maureen also recalled a conversation with the Queen herself, detailing: “The funniest thing of course is the chat for when she gets here.

“You’re told ‘She’ll come here you go there, don’t go there. Don’t say anything, don’t ask her a question.’

“I wanted to tell her that my late husband Jack Rosenthal had written episode 13, and we are getting into Episode 10,408.”

The Queen was on the set of Coronation Street for 40 minutes as she spent time at Media City UK in Manchester.

The royal described the long-running soap as “part of the fabric” of society.

Speaking at the time, Dame Maureen said of the visit: “She was quite unbelievably calm with whoever you put in front of her.

“She just seemed extremely at ease, very comfortable to meet anyone and everyone.

“For us to have her here, today after England won… the sun shone, it was great.

“She appeared to have all the time in the world. She spent as much time talking to the crew as the stars.”

Dame Maureen’s appearance on GMB came days after she explained she “won’t go abroad again”.

She wrote about her experience at Heathrow Terminal 5 insisting due to staff shortages, it took years off her life.

The actress told Mail Online: “I’m here to tell you I will never go abroad again. Never. Neither will any sensible, sentient human being over 70.

“Not if they have to fly into Heathrow, that is. It took years off my life.”

She recalled being “short of breath” when she got to Arrivals and the “escalator was jammed”.

Dame Maureen continued: “The immigration hall at the top was looking like the third day of Glastonbury.”

The star explained she left her Malta hotel at 3.30pm and didn’t get back to her own home until after midnight.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am.

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