Corrie Spoiler: Emma rumbles Curtis, but he tries to talk his way out of trouble

Despite his worrying medical condition lovestruck Emma (Alexandra Mardell) has been eagerly awaiting her Christmas wedding to Curtis (Sam Retford).

But her world could be about to get turned upside down as it looks like his lies are going to be exposed, leaving Emma questioning everything she thought she knew about her fiancé.

She's curious when she and Gemma watch some of a DVD of a TV doctor, and hear him using the same phrases Curtis said when treating Harvey.

Then the women get a terrible fright when they realise that Ruby has swallowed one of Curtis's pills. But there's another shock at the hospital as a doctor explains that Ruby is fine, because the tablet she took was nothing more than a vitamin pill!

Not surprisingly Emma wants answers from Curtis. Will he finally open up about his twisted fantasy life?

Still perplexed by his explanations, Emma later seeks out one of Curtis's doctors to get more information, but comes away still confused.

But as she speaks to Neville, is Emma finally set to fit the pieces of the jigsaw together and reveal Curtis as a fraud?

Later in the week Steve (Simon Gregson) sings Curtis’s praises, revealing he has raised £4K for Oliver’s charity. But could Steve be making a big mistake when he hands Curtis his bank details and trusts him to transfer a large sum of money? Does the young man's dishonesty run deeper than tall tales about his health?

Elsewhere, it’s war between Sally (Sally Dynevor) and Maria (Samia Longchambon) as both decide to stand in the council elections.

Long time politico and former Mayor of Weatherfield Sally belittles Maria for her lack of experience, but Maria gains the upper hand when she shows up Sally during a debate. And the war of words gets worse as their other halves, Tim and Gary, find themselves embroiled in the events, too.

Also coming up, after Adam bumps into an ex, Sarah becomes concerned by just how much of a Lothario her hubby was before they married.

However, they are forced to cut short their row when Sarah’s ovulation alarm sounds and the business of baby-making beckons!

And it's set to get busier than ever in the Platt house. Following another car accident, Audrey (Sue Nicholls) reluctantly agrees to have an eye test.

When it’s revealed that she’s suffering from cataracts, Gail (Helen Worth) decides that her mum should move in with them until she has had her operation.

Plus, Zeedan plans on redecorating Speed Daal following the fire. However, he’s shocked by the arrival of his estranged wife Marrium, looking for his help. After everything that's gone on with Hashim, how will he respond?

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