Corrie's 60th anniversary plans including live episode revealed?

It’s not every day that one of the UK’s consistently most viewed shows reaches 60 years on the air so there is no doubt that Coronation Street are going to go all out for their six decade milestone at the end of next year, with plans surely already being lined up in preparation.

With the cast and crew anticipating what will be TV history and a real milestone, Jack P Shepherd has speculated that another live episode will surely be part of proceedings – and he is more than up for it.

The star, who plays David Platt, told ‘A live, we’re doing a live! No, I just made that up! I assume it will be that! I love ’em. A lot of the cast don’t. A lot of them do get petrified which is understandable. I like the buzz of it. It’s really nice being on one of them, because everybody really gets an input, and feels part of it, much more than the day to day stuff. The night is amazing, with hundreds of people involved, and the after party. So yeah I like doing them.

‘I’ve done three now. I was the first person on screen in the 40th one. I was kicking a ball.’

Jack was a mere child then and the episode focused on a protest to save the cobbles. The next live episode really stepped up the high octane drama as a tram smashed into the Street, killing Molly Dobbs and Ashley Peacock. And, more recently for ITV’s own anniversary, the Platt family were central to another live episode which saw Kylie kill Callum to save Sarah.

Naturally, Jack was in the midst of that chaotic episode as David helped to cover up the killing.

As for how the team can top all of that next year, we can’t wait to find out.

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