Corrie's Charlie Lawson threatens to rip thief's 'arms off' as he rages at 'little s***' who stole from him

CORONATION Street legend Charlie Lawson has exploded with rage at a thief who stole from his doorstep.

The 61-year-old actor, who played Jim McDonald, posted an extraordinary tirade on Twitter roaring: "If I catch you I’ll rip yer friggin arms off!!!!"

Charlie's breakfasts have been turned into a nightmare by a dairy-swiping robber who has been talking his morning milk from his doorstep in Prestbury, Cheshire.

He spoke directly to the thief on Twitter saying: "To the little s***t in our village @PrestburyParish who keeps nicking our milk, missed you by a whisker this morning!

"Be real careful, if I catch you I’ll rip yer friggin arms off!!!!"

He seemed to have calmed down a little later in the day, telling one follower he'd have make the robber a brew if only they'd asked.

He explained: "Makes me angry. As someone said, knock on me door and if you’re that desperate, I’ll do you a cup of tea meself!!"

Northern Irish Charlie is best known for playing hot-headed Charlie in Corrie – and it didn't escape fans that the tirade was just what the character would have said.

One fan replied: "This is something like Jim would say! Hope you catch the little rascal."

Charlie first appeared in Coronation Street in 1989, appearing as a regular character until 2000 and making several extended guest appearances on the cobbles until 2018.

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