Could Alex Moore die in Emmerdale after hit-and-run accident?

Emmerdale’s Alex Moore (Liam Boyle) – Dawn Taylor’s (Olivia Bromley) drug dealing ex – has been left with his life hanging in the balance after falling victim to a hit and run.

The dodgy character has been spending the past few weeks planning to steal medication from the surgery, something he had cooked up with his real girlfriend, Clare, and not Naomi (Karene Peter) – who he’s pretending to be in a relationship with.

Instead, he’s been using her to get closer to Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) and eventually discover the lock combination to open the drugs cupboard.

All of which sparked a chain of events which saw him being left for dead in Thursday night’s episode, after Charles (Kevin Mathurin) discovered what he was up to and gave chase.

But is this the end for Alex? Could the character be about to succumb to his injuries?

Here’s what we know…

Could Alex Moore die in Emmerdale?

We don’t know yet whether Alex’s accident will prove fatal or not – so we’ll just have to keep watching to see what happens.

The character was attempting to make a swift exit in Thursday night;’s episode, but it went wrong when, while siting in his car, Alex was spotted by Charles, who needed a lift into town.

Charles went to the boot and found the drugs, leading him to chase after Alex – but while we were led to believe the vicar would be the one to run him down, it was actually Billy (Jay Kontzle) who hit him, after Alex stepped out into the road while on the phone to Clare.

And while Alex was taken to hospital, he and Dawn were left to wonder whether he might seek revenge if he survives.

Whatever happens, it’s been a great storyline for Mathurin, who has spoken about us seeing a different side to Charles, when it comes to protecting his family.

‘I think once upon a time Charles wasn’t so much of a walk-over,’ he told

‘With his faith he lets go and lets God take the wheel, so to speak, but every now and then Charles will take his wheel back and do what’s necessary, I guess. He hasn’t had to do that for a long time.

I think sometimes with the Charles character he always puts his parishioners first and he loves God and he loves his work within the community,’ he told

‘But when it comes to his family his job and his faith sometimes will take second place to being a father and a partner. He will do whatever it takes to protect them.’

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