Could 'The GOAT Of All Pranks' Help Repair Jerigus' MTV Floribama Shore Bond?

Who would have thought four months ago that Gus and Jeremiah (aka Jerigus) would be swapping their brawls for birthdays, beer… and bonding over billy goats?

Any and all “petty bullsh*t” was absent from tonight’s MTV Floribama Shore, which saw the fam in full-on celebration mode for Jeremiah’s 26th birthday. After funneling some pickle juice beer and playing a round of pond golf ($2 wigs included), the gang gathered for a friendly hot wing-eating competition because this is how you celebrate birthdays in the South. One by one the roommates were eliminated until it was down to Rocky vs. the Russian Gus vs. Jeremiah and a massive pan of habanero hot wings. It wasn’t long before Jeremiah couldn’t take the heat and had to forfeit, crowning Gus the Wing King.

“You know, it doesn’t matter to me how much diarrhea I may get from eating these wings, it is worth it to say I reigned victorious and I beat Jeremiah on his birthday,” Gus gloated.

Nothing like a little Betty Crocker to cool the crew courtesy of Candace (in the streets, she’s known as Pimp Fried Crocker), who enlisted Gus’ help in bringing out Jeremiah’s birthday cake. It wasn’t long before the Jacksonville-native’s heart and belly were full (thanks, Buoni beer count), as he reflected on all the love.

“I did not think this was how my birthday would go,” he admitted. “Like at this point, I’m getting along great with everybody in the house. We’re not fighting or even yelling at each other.”

Come bedtime, (most of) the Floribama fam opted to hit the hay on a high note, seeing as past birthdays didn’t go quite so well. Cue Aimee: “Our first birthday we did not ruin. We’re growing as people.”

Only the guys had other plans… involving a couple of farm animals.

“Tonight is the night. We’ve been talking about this goat prank for a couple of days, and I think it is finally time,” Gus said. “There is no doubt about this, this will be the GOAT of all pranks.”

They gathered the necessities — leashes and goat treats, naturally — and ensured the girls were in a “deep sleep.” Because goats can be unpredictable, all of the appropriate precautions were taken, including helmets and throw pillows-turned-shin guards. “With any good prank, safety first. Helmet on,” Codi said. “I mean, I’m f*cked up already, I need some kind of protection.”

The luring of the goats swiftly turned into a shirtless Codi chasing the goats around the yard in circles, which might be the funniest thing we’ve seen in the history of Floribama.

“I’m not sure what Codi’s thinking right now, but the original plan was to go out to the backyard and lead the goats into the house with some treats,” Gus said. “Now he’s trying to run around as fast as he can with a helmet on, and this has turned into a whole comedy show at this point.”

Somehow Gus got a goat into the house, at which point, Candace screamed and sprinted barefoot out the door, while Aimee confused the animal with “a black demon.” 

Mission accomplished, as the guys toasted to pulling off the GOAT of all pranks — and Kirk noticed a pair of old friends getting along (for a change).

“It’s almost like old times,” Kirk said. “And right now it seems like Gus and Jeremiah are kind of getting past their stuff. Let’s keep it that way.”

Did a little bonding over goats bring Jerigus back for good? Sound off in the comments, and catch a new MTV Floribama Shore next Thursday at 8/7c!

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