'Counting On' Fans Are Worried About Joy-Anna Duggar's Safety in Her Recent Instagram Post

We’ve been watching the Duggars for years thanks to shows like 19 Kids and Counting, and Counting On has brought us even closer to the family — especially Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s older kids. We love watching Jessa, Jinger, and Jana navigate their lives on the show, but fans have also been showing a lot of favor for Joy-Anna. While the young mother is only 21, she and her husband, Austin Forsyth, is quickly becoming a favorite.

Like all the Duggars, while Joy-Anna has plenty of fans, she also has critics. And a recent Instagram post of hers has many concerned for her safety. Here’s why.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth recently made headlines for their miscarriage


Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have recently garnered more attention than usual — but it’s for a sad reason. The couple announced on Instagram that they miscarried their second child, Annabell Elise. “Although we don’t understand why, God has given us unexplainable peace and comfort during this very difficult time. Yes, it still hurts and we have cried countless tears, but we know that we can trust the Lord,” they wrote. “Please pray for continued healing, not only physically but for our hearts as well.”

After the miscarriage, Joy-Anna and her husband also took photos of themselves with the 20-week-old baby and posted those to Instagram, too. Carlin Bates, a friend of Joy-Anna’s that many may know from Bringing Up Bates, also helped out with Joy’s hair and makeup for the shoot. “We only had her for 20 weeks, Life is fragile and precious,” the couple captioned the post. “So thankful the Lord gave her to us for that short time! She will be in our hearts forever.”

Fans have been ultra-supportive of the family since the tragedy


Joy-Anna has been criticized in the past for quickly getting married and having kids at such a young age, but fans have put their opinions aside to wish the family well during this difficult time. “I can’t imagine the pain you are going through but thank you so much for sharing her humanity with us. It’s so vital to remind everyone that preborn babies are human beings,” a fan commented on the Instagram photos. And another added, “Praying for you all. Such sadness and heartbreak. You are a strong and amazing young woman.”

Of course, Joy-Anna’s family members came to her aid, too. “Annabell will forever be in our hearts. We love you all and are praying for God’s peace and comfort during this time,” big sister Jessa added to her own Instagram. And Jill, one of the Duggars who’s no longer on Counting On and is often rumored to be feuding with her family members, also added a sweet post. “Joy Joy & Austin, our hearts break for y’all with the loss of your precious Annabell Elise,” Jill wrote.

Fans are criticizing Joy-Anna for her recent Instagram post, however


Now that the shock of the miscarriage has passed, it seems Joy-Anna is attempting to go back to life as she knew it. Unfortunately, fans are back to criticizing her, too. Joy-Anna and her husband posted this photo of them bike riding to get some fast food with the caption, “Bike riding to Sonic! This is my new fav family activity. 7 miles round trip and my legs feel like Jello.” While many of their followers were proud of the couple, others noticed they weren’t wearing helmets.

“Adults should wear helmets. Not only for safety but to lead by example,” one follower commented. Another added, “VERY irresponsible to be riding bikes without helmets. Austin, Joy, please be smart and insist on helmets for all!!” Yet another commented, “Don’t risk your brain turning to jello too!…bicycle helmets for EVERYONE!!!!” In addition to the talk about helmets, others also mentioned Joy-Anna’s skirt might not be the best choice of attire, either.

Hopefully, Joy-Anna and her family insist on helmets for all of their family members in the future!

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