Dan Walker sparks complaints over insensitive Tom Parker blunder

Dan Walker confirms he’s back at work after horror bike accident

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Dan Walker spoke to The Wanted star Siva Kaneswaran about his late bandmate Tom Parker on Channel 5 News on Wednesday evening. However, as they spoke, viewers noticed a blunder regarding the spelling of Tom’s name, which many branded “insensitive”.

Dan began: “Let’s talk about that tribute to Tom because many people will know he passed away last year, really great friend of yours and bandmate as well.

“What was that like performing to that song, he sang the first line didn’t he? What was it like performing to that in the semi-final?”

Siva was clearly overcome with emotion as he told the host: “I’m getting emotional 10 seconds into the interview.

“It was beautiful. It was beautiful because I was so worried, I just wanted to deliver a nice performance for him, a nice performance for his wife and the kids.

“When his voice started, if you look at the opening scene, when his voice started, I’m literally gasping, thinking ‘Tom, get me through this.’

“I’m just so glad it worked out well and I made a core memory for the kids.”

Dan asked: “Did you know you were going to feel like that? Because you can’t prepare for those moments can you?”

“They asked me, ‘How are you feeling this week?’ and I was like, ‘I’m on it minute by minute, I’m crying one second and then I’m okay the next.’

“Before that I could have gone anyway but I’m so glad I went that way.”

The host went on to ask: “This is probably a difficult question to answer but what has the year been like?

“You’ve all been busy, you’re all working or taking part in TV programmes or working on something completely different. What is it like for you and the other bandmates to try and come to terms with what happened to Tom?”

Siva explained: “It’s different for each of us.

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“For me, I’ve tried to keep busy but also tried to use the difficulty of what happened between all of us and with Tom and use it for good and keep on creating awareness and keep his memory going.

While Siva spoke emotionally about Tom, viewers couldn’t help but notice Channel 5 had spelled Tom’s name incorrectly.

A banner on screen read: “Siva Kaneswaran pays tribute to bandmate Tom Walker.”

@lovejarpads tweeted: “@channel5_tv getting Tom Parker’s name wrong is not a good look when they’re trying to pay tribute to him…”

@PaulaRossi47 added: “@mrdanwalker you didn’t reply to me I asked about the interview last night with

@SivaKaneswaran on the loss of Tom Parker, it showed his name as Tom walker ? How bad was that.”

@LPGozza tweeted: “ffs you had one job @channel5_tv @Channel5Press His name was TOM PARKER,” alongside a photo of the TV screen.

@nathsvictory pointed out: “When @channel5_tv news calls @TomParker Tom Walker.”

“@5_Newsif you’re going to report on someone as amazing as Tom Parker please get his name correct,” @TWMum_Tinkerhel continued.

“Also you misspelt @SivaKaneswaran name at the beginning. Still lovely to see our brilliant Siva paying tribute to Tom who is missed so much.”

Channel 5 News airs at 5pm nightly on Channel 5.

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