Don’t Rock The Boat fans sickened as celebrities ‘puke, poo and faint’ on boat

Don't Rock The Boat viewers were gobsmacked during Monday's first episode of the reality show as celebrities were "puking, pooing and fainting".

The reality show sees 12 famous faces attempt to row the length of Britain.

Former Coronation Street star Craig Charles suffered from sea sickness near the start of his rowing adventure, before the star had to go to the loo in a bucket.

Olympic champion Victoria Pendleton had to spend the night on the support boat to recover after fainting in the dramatic episode.

Viewers went into meltdown on Twitter after watching the celebrities suffer a hellish experience.

One said: "Fainting, puking, s***ting, whatever next?!"

While another wrote: "This show is brilliant! Puking, s***ting, fainting. Is it weird that I love it? "

"Watching Craig Charles take a s*** on a boat sums up where 2020 is at," added a third.

Some fans were complaining that there was too much footage of celebrities being sick.

"Why weren't they given anti seasickness medication? Really not good TV watching them throw up," moaned one fan.

Another added: "I'm turning this off. There's only so many times you can watch people vomit."

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