Eamonn Holmes cheers fans after he's hospitalised with chronic pain saying 'progress is happening'

EAMONN Holmes has cheered up fans by revealing "progress is happening" after being hospitalised with chronic pain.

The 61-year-old has been suffering "pain he’s never felt in his life", but is working hard to ease it as he waits for his results.

The TV legend told fans: "First physio session of the day finished. Best one yet.

"Feel like progress happening. Energy really flowing . Let's hope it stays that way."

He has said he won't know what's wrong with him until next week because the doctors who can help him are off for Easter.

He's been trying to raise awareness about chronic pain with his 1million Twitter followers since being in hospital with the mystery condition.

Eamonn says sleep is his "only escape" from the agony, but recommended fans who are suffering to use prayer.

He said earlier today: "My pain hasn't gone away but understandably and unluckily for me the professionals who analyse and diagnose are on an Easter break.

"So to everyone, Twitter community, Family and friends who are asking "What's Wrong? " unfortunately I won't know until middle of next week."

"Just my bad timing nothing else. No one's fault."

The star thanked other chronic pain sufferers for getting in touch, saying: "Honestly folks , talking to you guys helps me forget the pain for 20 minutes."

He added: "Another thing which is a bit Taboo in mainstream Media is Prayer.

"It goes by many more acceptable names these days like Mindfulness or Meditation .. but if u do it , however u do it & whoever u do it to .. May it help you . 🙏."

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