EastEnders fans convinced Sharon TOLD Dotty to brutally attack Ian Beale in shock theory

EASTENDERS fans are convinced Sharon told Dotty Cotton to brutally attack her new husband Ian Beale.

Viewers of the popular BBC One soap have been scratching their heads trying to figure out the person behind the businessman's assault.

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With many suspects in the firing line, including Max Branning, Tina Carter, his son Peter, Rainie Cross and Kheerat Panesar, nobody can quite figure out who has done it.

But now, many fans think that it was in fact Ian's new wife Sharon, and she got teen Dotty to do the dirty work.

Taking to a fan forum earlier this week, one viewer wrote: "As a theory I suspect Xmas day will have 2 'twists'.

"Dotty will be revealed as the one who tried to kill Ian, and has been stalking him ever since, there will then be a further twist where it is revealed that Sharon planned it with Dotty.

"It's shoddy and now obvious that Sharon knows about Denny, that any other outcome would be a genuine surprise."

And they weren't the only viewer who thinks the pub landlady is the woman behind the crime.

Another wrote: "I agree Sharon is In cahoots with someone in my opinion it will be either Dotty or Phil."

User Fergie86 thought out every reason why Phil may have wanted Ian dead, especially considering their complicated past and the fact that he's stolen his woman.

But after thinking long and hard about it, they concluded that it was most likely that the teen helped Sharon.

They added: "Dotty has been glaringly absent too, her disappearing just before the attack seems strange it must of been planned.

"I think she gave Sharon some proof of screen about Ian and the two of them are working together to get revenge on Ian.

"Sharon is involved somehow she is acting too shifty, don’t think she attacked him but knows more than she is letting on.

"I think it will probably be Dotty who attacked Ian, Phil for all his faults isn’t an out and out killer.

"Yes he has killed people before unintentionally like the bloke at the car lot and I can believe he attacked Ian in a rage but I cannot see him repeatedly trying to kill Ian hence why Dotty is my pick on who attacked Ian, she probably inherited Nick’s lust of killing or trying to kill someone.

A third chimed in: "If we were thinking in terms of true character I’d say it’s far more likely to be Dotty working with Sharon than Phil.

"We know Dotty is a schemer whereas Phil would be pretty certain to act out with his fists the second he discovered the truth."

Last month a huge whodunit mystery was sparked when Ian was left for dead outside the Queen Vic.

He was left in intensive care with a bleed to the brain and was told that he had a 50/50 chance of surviving, but has since then returned to the Square.

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