EastEnders fans in stitches as Jean takes the wrap for stealing Kheerat’s watch

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EastEnders fans were in stitches on Thursday night as Jean Slater “took the wrap” after Kheerat Pansear threatened to report the theft of his designer watch to the police.

The loveable grandma looked guilty as sin during the latest instalment of the hit BBC One soap after the businessman barged through their family home and accused them of theft just days after Stacey Slater was released from prison.

And while the mother-daughter duo initially denied the claims they faced, they soon spotted that Stacey’s light-fingered son had pinched the designer item while the family snuck into Kheerat’s house to bathe.

It was then that the pair worked out the best way to avoid trouble moments before the former criminal’s probation officer arrived at her door.

The show opened as Jean was folding up one of the stolen bath towels from Kheemat’s bathroom as she asked: “How can Suki be so nasty when her towels are so soft?”

But it didn’t take long before the man himself came barging through their house, where Jean quickly hid the fluffy towel in the oven.

Fuming at the recent theft, Kheemat shouted: “You’ve gone too far this time Stacey. Where is it?”

Looking as guilty as ever, Jean innocently asked: “Where’s what?” to which he replied angrily: “Jag’s watch. I want it back right now.”

Cowering at his loud voice, Stacey interjected and played the innocent role as she argued: “Well, we don’t know what you’re talking about, do we?”

Shocked at their lies, Kheerat asked: “So, you didn’t lift my keys? Create a mess in our bathroom and leave this as your calling card?” as he threw a paper crane on their kitchen table.

Laughing away, Stacey joked: “What is that? A swan or a big sparrow? Now, look, we don’t know what you’re talking about, do we, mum?”

It was at this point that Jean crumbled underneath the weight of the lies as she confessed: “Well, it was only a couple of quick showers.”

As Stacey and Kheemat argued over the location of the lost item, Jean quietly mumbled: “The only thing we stole is water, if you can steal water … which I suppose technically you can.”

It was at this point that Kheemat threatened to report them to the police unless the stolen jewellery was returned.

And it’s fair to say fans found the whole interaction hilarious, as they celebrated the return of Stacey Slater on Twitter.

One user penned: “Jean wondering if you can steal water [cry laughing emoji] omg I love her.”

Another fan of the show chimed in with: “Jean is so genuine she always wants to do the right thing. She feels so guily” as a third agreed: “Jean can’t lie.”

Another added: “Jean’s face alone was a worthy duff duff” just minutes into the show.

Elsewhere, fans were chuckling over Jean hiding the pristine white towel in her oven as people walked through the house.

One viewer asked: “How many times is Jean gonna put that towel in the oven.”

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