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LINDA Carter's feud with Janine Butcher has come to a head following a horrific car crash.

But with Danny Dyer's exit looming on the horizon, an EastEnders fan has worked out how it could all pan out for everyone involved.

Janine Butcher (portrayed by Charlie Brooks) reacted the only way she could, with a lot of unlawful scheming in recent scenes of the BBC One soap.

The Walford villain crashed Linda Carter's (Kellie Bright) car as she was trying to stop her from telling Mick about her stealing money from Nancy.

This sadly resulted in the Vic landlady being rushed unconscious to the hospital, after being framed for drunk driving with baby Annie by her love rival.

Linda has since remained in a coma.

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But in the eyes of a soap fan named Ryan, everything will kick off just in time for Mick actor Danny Dyer's departure.

Ryan took to Twitter theorising that, upon waking up from her coma, Linda will fake having amnesia and pretend not to remember Janine's involvement in the car crash.

This won't stop her from getting her own back on Janine, with everything being exposed on Christmas Day perhaps resulting in Mick's exit from the Square.

"With Linda set to wake up tomorrow the clock is ticking for Janine now. I think Linda might remember what happened – but keep Janine in the clear for now", Ryan wrote.

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"If Linda is faking amnesia she might inform Sharon and then find the right moment to strike and get her own back on Janine in the end."

The fan added: "I can see all of this blowing up on Xmas day. Linda feigning amnesia – come Xmas day the whole secret blows up rips the Carter's apart and then that's how Mick might choose to leave the Square in the end."

Ryan then questioned his followers to know if they agreed.


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"Do you think Linda will fake amnesia when she wakes up tomorrow and then team up with Sharon to expose Janine’s secret?"

Over 76% of Ryan's followers believed he could be right, but one of them still disagreed.

The latter penned: "If she’s been in a coma I think she will be too confused and disoriented to even think about faking it."

Much like the rest of his family, Mick has been worried sick as he has been visiting his estranged wife in the hospital.

As mentioned above, Linda was involved in a crash with Mick's current love interest Janine.

She lost control of the vehicle when she tried to avoid an oncoming lorry and the pair collided into a tree as they were arguing about Mick.

Janine then moved drunk Linda around to make it look like she had been driving the car herself.

Danny Dyer was announced to exit EastEnders in January, 2022, after nine years as the Vic landlord.

Recent reports have however asserted the actor is still "in negotiations" about Mick's departure.

"There's two months left and I didn't take this decision lightly, I am still in debate how we are going to end, there are still negotiations how I think it should happen, and what the powers at be think should happen", Danny told The Evening Standard during the British Soap Awards.

One thing is certain – Danny is determined not to leave quietly.

"It maybe be that we never see Mick again but it will be an epic ending, I think I want to put a full stop on the job. It has been an amazing 10 years that I have had, it is a third of my career but I am ready to move on."

Could Ryan be right?

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Or will Mick be killed off?

EastEnders will have to wait and see.

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