EastEnders’ Patsy Palmer slammed by fans as she protests at ‘freedom march’ in LA saying she’s ‘anti-mandatory vaccine’

PATSY Palmer has divided opinion amongst fans after attending a freedom march in Los Angeles to protest against a mandatory Covid-19 vaccine.

The EastEnders actress, 49, took to Instagram to share snaps from the day, including one of her holding up a sign that read: "Not anti vax. We are anti mandate."

She said: "I am pro freedom for myself and my children. I am pro love for the human race. I am not anti vax. What anyone chooses to do with their bodies is their choice. Why is that such a terrible thing all of a sudden?

"When my child is healthy and happy and cannot go to the school he wants and is forced to wear a mask outside in 100 degree heat playing sport… I am anti that. I'm a mother, I want the best for all children."

It was announced in September that the Los Angeles school district had made it mandatory for students 12 and older to have the vaccine if they attend in-person classes.

While those who take part in extra curricular activities – including sport – needed to be vaccinated by the end of October, other students have until 19 December.

Patsy, who lives in LA, is mum to Charley, 29, Fenton, 20, Emilia, 19 and 10-year-old Bertie, so it's no surprise she has strong opinions when it comes to the protection of children.

But some of Patsy's followers were quick to share their thoughts on the march and didn't hold back in their comments.

One wrote: "Very easy to preach from a privileged life in LA." Another said: "Omg….you all want to try living in a country that truly takes away peoples freedom.

"You literally live in the richest country in the world with all the freedoms and privileges in the world." And a third quipped: "Oh please u have a choice u have freedom grow up."

One of Patsy's followers even pointed out: "You can choose Patsy. Vax or no vax nobody is pinning you down to have it. That is freedom of choice."

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