EastEnders resident left to die, Emmerdale Caleb shock act and 8 soap spoilers

A number of soap favourites are left fighting for their lives this week, while others face difficult questions from the police.

EastEnders’ Keanu Taylor wants nothing more than the christening of son Albie to go ahead as planned, but a series of unfortunate events unfold on the big day, with the former mechanic left fighting for his life as a result.

But will he pull through?

Emmerdale, meanwhile, sees Mary Goskirk similarly left in a serious condition, after girlfriend Faye is exposed as a con-woman, with shocking scenes set to follow.

Over in Hollyoaks, Zara Morgan is arrested when her plot to save the market ends in disaster, while Coronation Street sees Max Turner receive news about his sentencing.

It’s set to be quite the week in soapland, and Metro.co.uk is on hand with all the latest goss just for you, so what are you waiting for? Get your latest spoiler news right now.

Keanu left to die after christening goes awry in EastEnders

Keanu is reminded by Ravi on the morning of the christening that there is big money on the table for the delivery job. With Martin and Zack having bought Albie expensive presents, he makes his excuses and sets about transporting the drugs, before turning up to the christening late, unaware that the police were tailing him. The police subsequently arrest Keanu for intent to supply, much to Sharon’s horror.

Ravi, meanwhile, receives word of what has transpired and begins to panic, unaware that Keanu has been given a way out – if he spills the beans on his boss! After Keanu is released, Ravi collars him, demanding to know what’s happened. Keanu swears he never said a word but Ravi later takes revenge on the former mechanic, who is subsequently rushed to hospital. The police later arrive at Walford East – but will an arrest be made?

Tim kidnaps mum Elaine to save her from Stephen in Coronation Street

After locking horns with Tim, Elaine agrees to fly out to Vegas that afternoon to marry Stephen. Sally is stunned and breaks the news to Tim, who offers to run Elaine and Stephen to the airport, making out that he accepts their marriage plans. Tim lures Elaine into his taxi and, leaving Stephen on the doorstep, he speeds away with his Mum a hostage in the car! As Sally and Stephen watch in disbelief, will Tim be able to put a stop to his mum’s wedding?

Nicky stunned by Caleb’s new plot in Emmerdale

Nicky is stunned when he finds out about dad Caleb’s next move, but just what does the businessman and schemer have up his sleeve now?

Sam injured in Hollyoaks as Zara faces the music

Cindy clashes with Grace over her idea to rob a bank. Determined to prove that she’s still the baddest gangster in the village, Grace orders Zara to record her stealing Sam’s handcuffs. Sam, however, receives an accidental elbow to his nose amid the altercation, resulting in both Grace and Zara being taken away in handcuffs!

Linda continues to struggle without Mick in EastEnders

Linda struggles with the thought of Janine’s sentencing, so Alfie tries to distract her with some Coronation party talk, but it doesn’t work. Jean reminds Alfie that Linda is serving a life sentence of her own without her beloved Mick. Linda, meanwhile, is shaken by Janine’s sentence, with subsequent scenes seeing the landlady consumed by her loss, breaking down as she explains to Alfie that she cannot throw a coronation party without Mick. Billy, however, has an idea to help, as he makes Mick an instrumental part of the Coronation celebrations.

Mary left for dead by con-woman Faye in Emmerdale

Mary is delighted when Rhona offers her blessing for her to go to Ecuador with Faye, but there’s soon heartbreak in store for the matriarch, with Suzy starting to distrust Faye, who is cagey about a bank transfer. Suzy relays her suspicions to Mary, who is affronted and, determined to prove her commitment to Faye, doubles down on the transfer. Suzy, however, is determined to make Mary see that Faye isn’t who she appears to be, with Mary subsequently quizzing her girlfriend, who slips up. Knowing the game is up, Faye reveals her true nature, with Mary left bleeding and concussed after a scuffle.

Paul faces danger from Damon in Coronation Street

Paul descends into criminality, contemplating stealing a car from Frescho’s car park, as Dee-Dee tries to talk him out it with subsequent scenes seeing the builder turn the tables on Damon, demanding that he pay him a sum of £10,000 or he’ll turn him in to the police. Damon plays along with Paul’s demands, but the criminal soon sets in motion a revenge plot, using his criminal contacts to shut down Paul once and for all.

Heartbreak for Sienna in Hollyoaks

Sienna wants to provide her kids with everything she didn’t have as a child and thus asks Ste for her old job back. Leela, however, is hesitant, reminding Ste about the cost of living crisis and how, if he wants his business to survive financially, he can’t afford to reinstate his friend.

Ben supports Jay in EastEnders

Jay has a big treat day planned for Lola in town, but she’s exhausted and he has to call the whole thing off when one of the undertakers lets them down at short notice. Although tired, Lola is relieved. Billy notices that Jay is doing too much and doesn’t have the time to make memories with Lola and he’s determined to take the pressure off Jay, as he and Ben arrange cover for both Cokers and the car lot, allowing Jay all the time he needs to make memories with his beloved wife.

Max returns in Coronation Street as David pays him a visit

David tells Gail that Max is being considered for early release – but when he visits Max in the STC he is sure to warn him to not to get his hopes up.

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