EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell attacks Isaac over Amy's claims she caught him taking drugs

PHIL Mitchell attacks Isaac Baptiste next week in EastEnders when he gets wind of Amy’s claim that she saw him taking drugs. 

Amy – who has developed a crush on her teacher – will accuse Isaac of smoking weed tonight in the BBC One soap.

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Viewers know that Isaac hasn’t had the easiest start in Albert Square after he was revealed as Patrick Trueman’s secret long-lost son. 

Viewers watched the teacher struggle to cope with the fact that his late father wasn’t actually his biological dad – and that he’d been lied to for years by his mother Sheree.

Isaac then turned to skipping school and boozing in the Square in broad daylight.

And fans watched Isaac heading for more trouble this week when Denise noticed Amy had a crush on him and told Isaac he couldn’t tutor her anymore.

But after spotting Isaac pocketing a bag of weed from the floor on the way to school, Amy seemingly formed an idea. 

And tonight’s episode of the soap will see Amy tell Denise and Jack that she saw Isaac smoking the weed. 

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Isaac still reeling about his meeting with the school about his drug use. 

Things worsen when Phil corners Isaac and quizzes him about the accusations of drug use. 

When Denise hears the showdown, she jumps in to defend Isaac and points out Phil’s history.

Later in the week, Sheree finds Denise at the salon and thanks her for defending Isaac. 

Is Amy lying to get her own back on Isaac?

Either way, could her claims be about to cost Isaac his career?

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