EastEnders Stacey and Janine reignite feud leaving BBC viewers in stitches

EastEnders fans were left in hysterics as Janine Butcher caused havoc in Albert Square after she changed the questions used in Best Spouse In The ‘Ouse Christmas quiz.

During Tuesday’s instalment of the popular BBC soap, fans were treated to another round of Stacey Slater fury as she lashed out at the barmaid for her cruel jokes from behind the bar.

As each happy couple stepped up to the stage, Mick Carter asker a series of questions similar to the game Mr and Mrs game where each person is separated and asked who is most likely to … without conferring with their partner.

But at the last minute, the scheming barkeep changed the previously harmless questions to more pointed jokes at the contestant's expense.

Stacey Slater and her new wife Eve Unwin were the first to take to the stage as they happily answered the first risqué questions on the list.

But when Mick asked: “Who’s most likely to cheat?” Stacey knew there was something cruel going on.

The pair sat uncomfortably on stage as members of the pub giggled at the awkward question before Mick added the final nail in the coffin for the happy couple.

He asked: “Who lost the plot after two husbands?” before he ratted out Janine’s evil scheme, noting: “You’ve changed these ain’t ya”

And it didn’t take long before things kicked off in the Queen Vic as Stacey exploded into a rage after the blonde bombshell insinuated she had a colourful history with men.

Stacey stormed off stage shouting: “What’s wrong with you? You got something wrong with your head?” as Mick and Eve dove between them to separate the bickering women.

It comes after fans have become obsessed with the new couple they’re hoping to see on screen – Mick and Janine.

Although many fans remain as in love as ever with Mick and Linda Carter, Janine coming on the scene has certainly mixed things up, and some viewers have now switched sides.

Linda is away for the meantime and Janine has set up shop behind the bar at the Queen Vic and is happily living in the Carter household.

The pair have been building a close friendship after he noticed a more humane side to the famous soap villain – but could it be more than friendship?

EastEnders continues on weekdays from 7pm on BBC

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