EastEnders star reveals Jay's pain as Lola pushes him away after 'cheating'

Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) is set to push husband Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) away in upcoming EastEnders scenes, as he is caught ‘cheating’ by Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit).

Actor Jamie Borthwick said that Jay is ‘gutted’ when Lola throws him out, and we can see why. The whole situation is a misunderstanding, as Jamie explained.

‘Jay and the boys are on a night out and he goes to the bar and there’s a group of girls that are on a hen-do. He bumps into one of the hen party who comments that he looks miserable, and he explains that he’s married, and she admits that she is too, so Jay immediately feels comfortable talking to her as they’re both married.

‘Jay is really innocently telling her about Lola and how she isn’t well at the moment. As she’s talking to him, Jay can’t hear so he leans forward and to onlookers, it looks like they’re getting close but they’re not.

‘At this point Emma comes in, spots Jay and thinks “Ah, I can use that.” I don’t think she genuinely believes that Jay is trying to pursue other women, but she sees an opportunity to get Jay out of the picture a little bit. She is very manipulative in that way.’

When Emma reveals to Lola that Jay has cheated, she is ‘very upset’, Jamie said.

‘She thinks “oh god Jay is pursuing other women” and obviously that doesn’t make her feel good.

‘Once she has a chance to take it all in and put it into perspective, she then takes a whole different view of “why would he want to be with me when I’m unwell” and she starts thinking “he doesn’t have to be with me and be here looking after me”.’

‘[Jay is] gutted. But he also knows that this is Emma’s doing so he’s very angry’, Jamie told us.

‘Deep down he knows that Lola doesn’t truly believe it and thankfully she comes to her senses once she has the time to digest what has gone on and thankfully after a good conversation they sort it all out. However, he knows from that point that Emma is bad news.’

While they spend a few tense hours apart, fans of the couple will be pleased to know that they do eventually manage to patch things up.

‘They have a long conversation, they manage to sort it out, and they both come to their senses. They both realise they were being silly, and they thankfully get back on track.’

While it’s good news for Jay and Lola, just how will this affect their relationships with scheming Emma? And why is she so determined to split them up?

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