EastEnders viewers love Mick Carter quizzing Gray amidst Tinas disappearance

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EastEnders fans were glued to their screens as Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) probed Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) over the disappearance of his auntie, Tina Carter.

It comes following the dramatic storyline that saw Walford's fun-loving character killed off by serial killer, Gray.

Gray has been responsible for three deaths in Walford over the past year, firstly his wife, Chantelle, before killing Kush in the underground station and most recently killing Tina before whisking her body off to an unknown location.

However, in recent days, his character has been stringing Tina's relatives along, claiming he had seen her getting onto a bus.

Tina's sister, Shirley (Linda Henry) is left speechless when Gray makes the shock allegation although was adamant he couldn't be sure it was her.

After venturing to Gray's home, Shirley revealed that she had been out looking for her sister all night, unaware that she is in fact dead.

Discussing his alleged sighting of Tina, Gray said: "It was the 345 towards Albert Square, about 3.15," before going on to add that Tina was wearing jeans and a fur coat.

"She was wearing a face mask, the last time we heard she was in Kent," added Gray before Mick went on to quiz the disgraced lawyer.

He asked: "Is there something you aren't telling us?" before Gray responded: "She was in a bad way, looked as though she had been sleeping rough.

"There were a couple of guys with her, it got a bit heavy, they bundled her onto a bus."

Enraged by the revelation, Mick exclaimed: "You what? And you didn't think to come and see us sooner?"

"Like I said, I'm not sure it was even her, I didn't want to worry you," said Gray.

Shirley however was left seeing red by the claims, hitting out with: "I swear, if anything happens to her," before her son, Mick interrupted adding: "Alright mother, we need to get out there and find her and make sure she's safe!"

Flocking to social media, fans couldn't contain themselves as they discussed the scenes: "Shirley is gonna make mincemeat out of Gray when she finds out the truth," said one.

While a second added: "Love that the Carters are probing Gray."

Before a third added: "Oh yeah Mick, there is something Gray is not telling you… Tina is dead and Gray killed her."

"What is Gray hoping to accomplish by lying to Mick and Shirley? I don’t get it," typed a fourth.

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