Emmerdale betrayal as word gets out about Ethan Andersons HIV diagnosis?

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Ethan (played by Emile John) slept with Eddy after a date, and the pair didn’t see each other again. But the Emmerdale vicar’s son started to receive calls from Eddy, which he ignored until the man turned up at his doorstep with worrying news. He told Ethan his ex had tested positive for HIV, and that he should get tested himself. Ethan expressed his regret but refused Eddy’s offer to accompany him to get tested. He hasn’t told anyone his concerns yet, but it seems he could soon open up to his dad Charles (Kevin Mathurin) on the ITV soap. Will private Ethan’s biggest fears be realised if the news is spread around the village?

In upcoming episodes, Ethan is still hiding his worries that he may have HIV.

This is only worsened when Eddy gives him the news that his own results have come back positive.

Reacting to the news that Eddy’s ex has the illness, a furious Ethan snapped: “You must have had some idea!”

“How many more times?” Eddy replied. A flustered Ethan commented: “This can’t be happening.”

Eddy swiped: “You’re not the only one in shock – this came out of nowhere for me!”

Eddy offered to support Ethan, stating: “I know how stressful this is, but you need to get tested.

“If you want, I can go with you.” Ethan responded: “Like we’re a couple?”

“Like we’re in the same situation,” Eddy said, adding: “We can support each other.”

But Ethan didn’t want to hear it, remarking: “I don’t want anything from you.”

Before leaving, Eddy said: “You can blame me all you want, but it’s not going to change what’s happened.”

With Ethan becoming more fearful after hearing about Eddy, he is eager to get his own impending results.

Unable to hide his suffering, Charles picks up on Ethan’s low mood and tries to talk to him about what is troubling him.

Will Ethan feel able to tell his vicar father the truth?

Ethan is worried about being judged by others – could someone perhaps overhear the conversation between the father and son and decide to spread the word?

Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) has recently been accused of sexual assault by Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele).

She doesn’t remember what happened, but in a voice message the youngster can be heard asking Noah to leave her alone, and she woke up covered in bruises.

Noah has been insisting he didn’t do anything other than try to help a drunken Liv, but if residents find out, he will be in for a hard time.

Perhaps in an effort to get locals talking about something other than him, Noah might use the opportunity of overhearing the conversation to his advantage.

Will Ethan be left feeling judged as words spreads around the Dales?

Although many people close to him are not likely to pass judgement, Ethan has been very worried about others finding out.

If he decides to open up to Charles and is overheard by Noah, it’s unlikely his secret will be kept.

Furthermore, he will still be waiting on his results, so the rumours may not even be true.

It’s possible that Ethan might take drastic action, perhaps attempting to leave the village after feeling humiliated.

Can Charles convince him to stay in Emmerdale?

A doctor tried to reassure Ethan that even if his result is positive, he could still go on to lead a healthy life.

But he seemed doubtful as he spoke with her, and although clearly troubled by the news, he didn’t tell anyone afterwards.

It’s possible that he and Eddy may become closer again as they go through the diagnoses together, but Ethan be able to open up to him?

And with his neighbours potentially finding out, will he be decide to run off with Eddy?

Emmerdale continues on Friday at 7pm on ITV.

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