Emmerdale fans convinced Aaron Dingle will sleep with Mackenzie Boyd after being dumped by Ben

EMMERDALE fans are convinced Aaron Dingle will jump into bed with Mackenzie Boyd after he was dumped by Ben.

The mechanic – who is played by actor Danny Miller in the ITV soap – was dumped by Ben after blaming him for Liv suffering a seizure.

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As Aaron tried to half heartedly apologise for his behaviour, Ben had finally had enough.

He told him: “I suppose I am stupid for thinking you’ve changed but I was right all along. 

“The way you treat people, the way you speak to me, same old Aaron. Everything winds you up Aaron. I’ve had enough. 

“I can’t be with someone like you – the way you talk to people, the way you overreact. 

“I tried to do something fun for your birthday and you threw it back in my face. You’ve got serious problems Aaron.”

He added: “This is toxic and I can’t deal with it anymore. I’m doing both of us a favour and ending this now, whatever this is.”

Unfortunately for Aaron, Mackenzie was listening in and later swooped in to cheer him up.

Mackenzie bought him a pint in an effort to smooth talk Aaron.

But he was knocked back, but he didn’t give up and instead set about trying to tempt Aaron.

“You’re hard work, no wonder you’ve just been dumped,” Mackenzie told him. 

“He was holding you back – too good, too moral. I’ve met guys like you before. So you don’t want to work with me?

“Aaron, where’s your edge? Come on Aaron, it’s in there, come and play.”

And after he was dumped by Ben, fans think Aaron is going to jump into bed with Mackenzie.


A second said: "Aaron and Mack are clearly the ship… even Bob can see it! Well until Robert comes back obviously"

Another added: "Cannot believe I am going to say this but there is definite chemistry between Aaron and Macenzie and if it means him getting out of being a boring piece of the background then I am all for him going bad again."

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