Emmerdale fans work out Meena Jutlas next victim as she targets niece Ayesha

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Eagle-eyed Emmerdale viewers are certain they've figured out the true identity of Meena Jutla's next victim.

The serial killer has been wreaking havoc across the Dales since admitting to killing her best friend, and following up by tossing teenager Leanna Cavanagh off the humpback bridge to her death.

Meena doesn't stop at murder, as she also put a puppy at risk in a hot car and kidnapped David's toddler, Theo.

Now, as Meena prepares to head abroad with sister Manpreet to visit her niece, who is in critical condition after crashing her scooter, fans are certain the killer's next victim is in her sights.

They're convinced that Manpreet's daughter Ayesha could be her next victim as she struggles to get back to boyfriend David Metcalfe.

Meena has been begging David to accompany her on the emergency trip, but David insisted he couldn't leave the shop or his sons.

Turning to Twitter, one fan predicted: "Meena will probably kill her niece to get back home to David! #Emmerdale."

Another fan echoed: "Meena will kill the niece and race back to the Dales! #Emmerdale."

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Someone else agreed: "Exactly, she just wants to get David away from Victoria. David can't wait to get rid of Meena!"

Meena gave Victoria a stern warning to stay away from her man while she was in Ibiza, telling her: "You know what some women are like. Maybe I'm paranoid."

She added: "It doesn't help that I got cheated on in the past, while I was on a girls' holiday."

It comes after Meena used her niece's illness to get out of a police interrogation, leaving fans with a very sour taste in their mouths as she blamed Ayesha's illness for her scattered mind.

One wrote: "Using her niece to get out of questioning, god's sake Meena!"

Another ranted: "Meena now milking the niece's accident for sympathy!"

"Meena actually uses the fact her niece might die to get David's attentions back on her, seriously? She really is beyond unbelievable clearly!" someone else echoed.

If she's willing to go that far – how much further will Meena go to keep her man, and could Ayesha truly be her next target?

Things got even more sinister later in the episode, as Meena pinged David a request that the couple share their locations with each other while she's away – allowing her to keep an eye out that he stayed away from Victoria after the two shared a kiss.

A confused David accepted, as Meena told him: "I'll wait until I'm in the hotel to send you a list of selfies I'll be needing!"

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV.

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