Emmerdale rape to Corrie murder hunt – what happened in soaps 5 years ago

Five years is a long time in the soap world.

Anyone watching the the cobbles, Albert Square and the Dales over the years that half a decade can make all the difference.

After all, Victoria Street didn't even exist on Corrie until last year.

And July 2014 was a dramatic time for the soaps – from a murder hunt to a brutal attack, things kicked OFF in the summer.

So let's take a step into the soap time machine and relive some of those thrilling, action-packed storylines.

Coronation Street

Has it really been five years since Tina McIntyre's murder?

Yep. And, while we know that Rob Donovan was to blame for her death, the hunt was on to find her killer in July 2014.

Tina, played by Michelle Keegan, was brutally murdered after being pushed off the balcony of the builder's yard.

When her death was first aired, it was not known who killed her.

There were four potential suspects: Peter Barlow, Carla Barlow (now Connor), Rob Donovan and Tracy Barlow.

Peter was framed for the murder and was jailed, but it was later revealed that Rob accidentally killed her in a fit of rage.


It wasn't a good time for Sharon Mitchell. And this, bear it in mind, is someone who has not had the best luck (to put in mildly) in Walford. 

A month earlier in 2014, Sharon was brutally attacked in her own bar The Albert by thugs.

She tried to fight back by smashing a wine bottle on one of her attackers' heads but ended up being knocked out and landed in hospital.

In July that year, she finally discovered the truth about her attack – that Phil had organised the thugs to break into the pub.

Sharon was left traumatised after overhearing his conversation with Shirley, though the hardman insisted that he hadn't meant for her to get hurt and that it was only to scare her.

Of course, we now know that Sharon managed to forgive him… though she has had numerous affairs behind his back. One of which has potentially resulted in her getting pregnant by a teenager…

That's Walford for you!


Five years ago, fan favourite Finn Barton was still alive and well (sob), but was at the centre of a harrowing storyline (double sob).

Finn, played by Joe Gill, had been on a date with Brad but when he went to the toilet his drink was spiked.

Brad left Finn in his car in a barn with the engine running, but he was discovered by Pete and Cain, who rushed him to hospital.

Initially, Ross believed that his brother tried to kill himself. However Finn later wakes up and discovers that he has a date rape drug in his system.

Finn was left fearing that Brad had raped him but, thankfully, discovered that was not the case and that the car had been stolen.

He later discovers that Brad had tried to kill himself by poisoning him through the carbon monoxide fumes.

In 2017, Finn met a tragic end at the hands of his own mother, who accidentally shot him and left to die.

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