Emmerdale spoilers: David Metcalfe hides paedo Maya's baby at Christmas after she leaves it on his doorstep

EMMERDALE fans are in for a shock this Christmas as paedo Maya Stepney abandons her baby on Jacob Ghallager’s doorstep.

This sickening Christmas plot twist will leave viewers wondering who the father is as the underage lover and his dad David Metcalfe organise a paternity test to determine the truth.

Emmerdale viewers were left stunned as the paedo teacher appeared at the prison gates PREGNANT after being released five months early.

As the camera panned over her huge belly, fans were left sickened by the realisation that the child could be either Jacob or his dad David’s.

Emmerdale fans know that Maya caused a scandal when she groomed and abused Jacob for months while dating his father.

Maya first slept with Jacob on his birthday back in March 2019 in what the twisted teacher called a birthday present to her teenage stepson.

The teacher then became more brazen as she slept with Jacob again – but this time with David asleep in the next room.

And only a few days later, Jacob arrived home with Liv only to hear David and Maya having sex upstairs, meaning either one could be the daddy.

In yet another twisted turn of events, Maya is set to ruin Jacob’s life even more when she dumps the baby on their doorstep on Christmas day.

In a Christmas episode yet to air, Jacob, David, Leyla and Pollard get together to celebrate Christmas.

But their festivities are shattered when Jacob opens the door to find the baby out in the cold.

They are horrified to discover a note signed from Maya.

But unsure whether it’s actually from the sick paedo – and desperately hoping it isn’t – David announces they should keep the baby a secret until they know more.

In later episodes, David, Jacob and Leyla anxiously await the results of a paternity test.

Who will the daddy be?

Fans are desperate to know if Maya will actually be making a return to the village given this potential evidence that she slept with Jacob, which could send her back behind bars for good.

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