Emmerdale spoilers: Dawn Taylor plans to destroy Kim Tate once and for all

THE mystery surrounding Kim’s poisoning may come to an end next week as Dawn Taylor plans to destroy Kim Tate once and for all.

Dawn – who is played by Olivia Bromley in the ITV soap – will tell her dad Will Taylor that she’s sick of Kim’s meddling in her and Jamie’s relationship.  

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Viewers will see Kim become increasingly delirious as the mystery perpetrator continues to slip poison into her brandy.

When Kim lashes out at Gabby, the teenager tells Noah she won’t put up with Kim’s outbursts for much longer. 

Later at the HOP office, Kim is shocked when she watches the security video of Gabby threatening revenge against her and grows paranoid that she’s out to get her.

Kim is also unsettled when Will calls round to check on her.

She boots him out and locks the door behind him, convinced everyone is out to get her. 

Kim then sits alone sipping her brandy and hearing phantom intruders. 

The next day, Kim bumps into Jamie and Dawn at the Hide and speaks her mind. 

Jamie is fuming and tells Dawn he wants to get revenge against his mother. 

Dawn heads to find Will and tells him she’s at the end of her tether thanks to Kim – and that if he doesn’t finish her off, she will. 

Meanwhile, Kim sits at Home Farm clutching her shotgun and, when a shadowy figure enters, she fires her gun at the intruder. 

Who has Kim shot?

Emmerdale confirmed that Kim is being poisoned by a mystery culprit after a gloved hand was seen tipping a poison into her brandy. 

Suspects include Dawn and Will, who have both been seen fiddling with Kim’s drinks trolley. 

Gabby, who’s been making the most of Kim’s memory loss and taking control of Home Farm in recent weeks, is also in the frame. 

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