Emmerdales Sarah Sugden kidnapped as heart donors sister drops bombshell?

Emmerdale: Sarah Sugden meets her heart donor's sister

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Sarah (played by Katie Hill) decided to meet with Chloe (Jessie Elland) in Tuesday night’s episode of the ITV show. Chloe arrived in the village to apologise to Sarah and decided to give her a diamond bracelet which belonged to her late sister. 

Sarah has been trying to track down the family of the person who donated their heart to her three years ago. 

Her investigation work took her to a meeting with Chloe, who is the sister of her apparent donor Gemma, who was keen to speak with Sarah. 

However, the meeting soon turned uncomfortable as Chloe asked to feel the beat of Sarah’s heart – referring to it as Gemma’s heart. 

 Sarah then suffered a panic attack before their meeting ended and left Chloe to return home. 

However, Chloe met up with Sarah in Tuesday night’s episode to offer an apology following their initial encounter. 

Sarah decided to lie to her uncle Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) about meeting up with Chloe again.

 So when Noah asked Sarah if she wanted to try out his bike that evening, she declined his offer and said she was “going shopping”. 

Later on, in the episode, Sarah met up with Chloe after escaping from nosey Noah. 

Chloe then presented Sarah with a bracelet of Gemma’s. Sarah was reluctant at first until she realised it was a diamond bracelet. 

Sarah smiled and admitted she had never been given anything like the bracelet before. 

 Chloe then told Sarah: “It’s literally been sitting in a drawer, you might as well have it. I want you to.” 

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 Sarah then went on to explain to Chloe that she wanted to take part in a sponsored bike ride around the dales before Noah turned up unannounced. 

Unaware that Noah was nearby, Sarah went on to tell Chloe that the bracelet must have cost “a fortune”. 

“Are you sure you’re not going to get into any trouble giving it to me?” Sarah added. 

In response, Chloe said Gemma would want Sarah to have the bracelet before dashing off after her phone started ringing for a second time. 

Has Chloe’s obsession with Sarah become unhealthy?

The grieving sister has struggled to cope with such a huge loss in her life and is using Sarah to achieve some comfort. 

However, if Sarah cuts her off, will Chloe react with violence?

Sarah didn’t notice Noah was watching her and Chloe talking and returned home assuming she had gotten away with meeting her. 

When she arrived home Noah caught Sarah in a lie about what she had been doing that afternoon. 

He said: “I know you are lying. I know where you have been. I saw you with her, you said you wouldn’t see her again.”

Sarah replied: “Well it’s got nothing to do with you anyway, you don’t control my life.”

 Although Sarah shut down Noah, if she does listen to him she could find herself in danger.

 Will Chloe kidnap Sarah if the schoolgirl announces they can no longer see each other?

 Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV 1. 

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