'Euphoria': Suze Howard Is a 'Clinically Depressed' Mom Who 'Blames Herself' Says Alanna Ubach

Alanna Ubach, previously known for her roles in Waiting and Legally Blonde, is Suze Howard in the HBO series Euphoria. After playing a more prominent role in season 2, Suze has become a favorite among Euphoria fans. Find out why Ubach believes her Euphoria character is “clinically depressed.” Plus, details about who inspired the HBO mom.

Suze Howard has to compete with the internet to parent in ‘Euphoria’

In an interview with Vulture, Ubach was asked if Suze was a “good mom.” She says Suze is “doing the best she can.” 

Suze is the single mother of Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) and Lexi (Maude Apatow). It’s unclear why their father left. According to Suze, he was “unprepared to be a father,” but he also has a drug problem. 

Ubach elaborated on the challenges Suze faces as a parent: “We’re the first generation of parents with children who have answers in their pockets for anything, whether they’re right answers or wrong answers. [It’s hard] when you’re competing with something like Google or TikTok or Instagram … a breeding ground for narcissism.” 

Alanna Ubach thinks Suze Howard blames herself for Cassie’s promiscuity

Cassie is Suze’s “promiscuous” child, while Lexi is the quiet, reserved type. A lover of love, Cassie needs the validation of having a boyfriend. Meanwhile, Lexi’s more focused on her studies and existing friendships. Suze doesn’t have to worry about Lexi, but Ubach thinks Suze blames herself for the way Cassie behaves. 

“You’re only as happy as your saddest, neediest child,” Ubach cited to Vulture. “To have a daughter who is not only promiscuous but has been recorded in the act that is now out on the internet — I think there’s a lot of guilt.” 

Ubach believes Suze feels guilty for not making “better choices,” like the choice to work on her marriage instead of ending it in divorce. Had she done that, “these kids wouldn’t feel they have to act out the way they’ve been doing.” 

She added: “My guess is if you really peel the layers, Suze is probably clinically depressed. I just don’t think she is capable of picking up the phone and going to therapy or rehab. She’s quite limited, and she’s doing the best she can.” 

‘Euphoria’s Suze is based on a real mother 

If Suze feels familiar to you, you’re not alone. “I was attracted to the character because she reminded me so much of the mother of one of my best friends,” Ubach revealed. “Her name was Linda Morales.” A favorite in Ubach’s friend group, Linda was the mom you went to when you “got pregnant” or “kicked out of school.” 

“No one was afraid of her,” Ubach added. “She didn’t act as an authority figure. She acted as a big sister.” 

Because Suze was such a minor character when Euphoria started, having a real person to draw upon for character inspiration helped Ubach bring Suze to life. She concluded: “When you have the essence of a character like that, and you’re bringing someone you once knew back to life — because this woman did pass away — it’s a very different way of creating a character.”

Watch Ubach’s performance as Suze in both seasons of Euphoria on HBO.

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