Ex Coronation Street star Matthew Marsden slammed for telling fans ‘stop getting tested for Covid’ and ditch masks

EX Coronation Street star Matthew Marsden was slammed on Twitter after telling followers to "stop getting tested for Covid" and to ditch face masks.

The 47-year-old – who swapped the Cobbles for Hollywood two decades ago – has been using the site to rally against lockdowns and getting the coronavirus vaccinate.

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In one Tweet the actor shared a 'study' posted on a far-right American website known for publishing fake news and conspiracy theories that claimed masks are ineffective against the spread of the virus.

He branded the Covid vaccine a "chemical" in a string of other tweets as he encouraged people to opt out of the having the jab.

Matthew also mocked the NHS, sharing an article from a second far-right website that was posted by a Twitter account called 'Suspicious Minds'.

The headline claimed people who have Covid, but show no symptoms, are not able to spread the virus and therefore do not need to be tested.

Matthew has some supporters on Twitter who think Covid is a myth – but others have spotted his tweets and slammed his comments.

One person hit back: "Idiots like you and her are why 500,000 people died in this country."

Another wrote: "sorry you're afraid of needle pricks, but ask a doctor and they will explain antibody response in illness (inconsistent, temporary) vs vaccine (consistent, longer-lasting)"

As one more wrote: "Actor, producer, singer and former model….I don't see MD or any other credential that qualifies you to speak on this topic. You are a danger to the health, safety and lives of all humans."

In January, Deputy Chief Medical officer Jonathan Van Tam said Covid vaccines are "the only way out" of the pandemic and told Sun readers that 'tens of millions' of Brits would need to receive a jab before lockdown restrictions can be lifted.

Now, infection levels have plunged to rates not seen since September, with several areas now recording no new daily infections, thanks to the jab rollout.

So far 33.7 million Brits have had their first dose of a jab with 12.8 now having had their second.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 spreads through droplets that are released when a person coughs or sneezes. 127,000 Brits have died from the virus.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) says that the use of face masks in public places may reduce the spread of infection in the community when they are worn by people who might not realise they are infected with the virus.

It has been compulsory to wear a face covering on public transport in the UK since June last year.

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