Five of Judge Rinders funniest moments

Judge Rinder's dog Rocco farts on TV

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Rinder, although a qualified barrister of repute, has spent the last several years working on television. His role as Judge Rinder has attracted millions of viewers to ITV, where he mediates cases and hands out rulings. While his rulings are only legally binding to a point, his defendants provide some real-life entertainment.

A dog’s day

The judge deals with human complainants, but their pet pooches sometimes follow them on set.

And episodes in which they feature appear to be Rinder favourites, as he once faced trouble concentrating on the matter at hand.

Once two dogs appeared in the crowd, one of which was wearing a dress.

The judge burst out in laughter when the dogs got a little too close.

A wand for a fart

One of the most bizarre cases the judge has presided over during his show came during the 2018 Christmas special.

Instead of two aggrieved adults taking the stage, two young children named Elliot and Evie walked up.

Evie, three, accused her young cousin of purposefully snapping her magic wand.

The case ended when Elliot confessed and fired an accusation back at Evie.

He claimed she farted on her hand after Evie said she thought boys were “smelly”.


Some cases require the judge to participate in some fact-finding that doesn’t always concern details of the case.

In one episode, Judge Rinder had to quiz complainants on his show about well-known slang.

He once saw two of them complaining about having fallen on hard times, lmao-ing more than once.

But he didn’t understand what they meant and had to ask during deliberation.

Passionate gardening

One contestant appealed to the judge via a counterclaim, in which he sought money back after shopping for someone.

But the judge, noticing a particular item on the list, joked the contestant in question was a “keen gardener”.

Viewers later learned the “weed” Judge Rinder was referring to was of the psychoactive kind.

And the contestant listed their request alongside some other unusual items, including cat food, milk and tobacco.

A trio of unfortunate photos

One complainant came to the show complaining about some unusual choices made by her wedding photographer.

He had snapped an odd selection that included one of her looking at a stand of Ferrero Rocher and another of her lying on the floor pulling her dress up, revealing a flask snagged in her garter.

Another included a bizarre still of a bridesmaid cutting her toenails.

The photographer stood by his works and refused to apologise when asked.

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