Freddie Flintoff forced to miss Top Gear adventure as Paddy and Chris film without him

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While much of Top Gear has been filmed in the UK due to coronavirus travel restrictions, in July, Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris were able to go to Iceland for their first segment abroad for a couple of years. However, Freddie Flintoff had to self-isolate meaning he was unable to join his co-stars. Fortunately, Freddie, who was stuck in the UK, did get to film his own segment later in the episode.

Talking about discussions on where they could travel to, Paddy began: “The world not being quite how it is last July, there wasn’t a lot on offer.

“But there was one land not far away with all the terrain you needed to test an expedition vehicle.”

Chris added: “So we packed our bags, and shipped our cars to Iceland.”

A VT of their time in Iceland began to play showing the landscape the Top Gear hosts would be testing their cars on.

However, there was bad news for the team as it was revealed Freddie could not travel with his co-stars.

Chris commented: “Wild, rugged and breathtaking to behold. This isolated mound of volcanic rock in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean packs more landscape onto its shores than countries ten times its size.

“To test the mettle of a British budget expedition vehicle, Iceland is the ultimate proving ground.”

Chris and Paddy could be seen walking across black sand as the former pointed out: “Look at the colours, greens, have you ever seen a glacier that big?”

Paddy joked: “No but I’ve eaten a few. To be honest, I can’t believe Flintoff’s not here.”

Chris remarked: “He would love this.”

He went on to inform viewers: “Unfortunately, the day before we travelled, Flintoff had been forced to self-isolate so couldn’t join the trip.

“But while Fred hadn’t made it, his wheels had.”

Viewers were shown three shipping containers which contained each of the host’s chosen expedition car.

Paddy and Chris were the only two who could theirs and viewers watched them take on numerous challenges, including a Car Walk.

When the episode returned to the trio hosting outside the Television Centre in London, Chris and Paddy commented on Freddie’s absence.

Paddy began: “Fred, the one time we needed you, lifting stuff and eating horrendous things. Where were you?”

Freddie explained: Genuinely I’m gutted I wasn’t there. You know what I’m most gutted about? I didn’t get a chance to drive that Range Rover.”

The host previously spoke about how he was left “gutted” to miss out on the adventure.

Speaking to Radio Times, he explained: “It was down to Jamie Redknapp getting Covid. I’d been close to him, so I got pinged the day before we were due to leave.

“I didn’t get it but I had to spend 10 days self-isolating in my basement.”

Top Gear airs Sunday on BBC One at 8pm.

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