Gardeners’ World star Monty Don on what you must cut off tomato plants Take them out!

Monty Don details the correct way to prune fruit plants

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Gardeners’ World presenter Monty Don regularly shares his nature knowledge with BBC viewers. On a recent episode of the gardening show, he shared some advice on how to get the most fruit from tomato plants. Monty revealed there is one thing he always makes sure to remove from the tomatoes in his garden.

In a recent episode of the gardening show, Monty told viewers tomato growing was one of his big projects of the summer.

He guided Gardeners’ World fans through his method for getting the most fruit from tomato plants.

The gardening expert explained that there’s some important weekly upkeep you need to do to encourage fruit production.

Monty began: “Now these are the outdoor tomatoes they’re all Gardeners Delight. Now Gardeners Delight is essentially a cherry tomato, quite a big cherry.

“They’re cordons, so they are growing up a support and they want to be restricted to one stem with leaves and trusses.

“But, what you will get are what are called side shoots, and there is a good example of one,” he added, pointing towards the extra growth on the plant.

Monty continued: “That is the main stem in a straight line, that’s a leaf and at an angle of 45 degrees between the two, you have a side shoot.

“That needs taking out and the reason you take them out is because they have very vigorous growth, they may even bear fruit.

However, he highlighted that despite the possibility of the side shoots growing fruit, they can in fact be a hindrance.

Monty explained: “But, they are putting more energy into growth than fruit bearing.

“In the long run they are depriving you of tomatoes. So, at least once a week, just pinch out the side shoots,” the gardening expert told viewers.

Monty also regularly shares gardening tips and advice on his website and last month told his fans that tomato plants need extra attention as the weather changes throughout the summer.

In a post on his website, Monty explained that he doesn’t plant his outdoor tomatoes until June.

He wrote: “Once they are in the ground they will grow strongly and need regular tying up.

“This is, of course, if you are growing cordon tomatoes rather than bush or determinate varieties.

“The latter can be propped up rather like an herbaceous plant rather than tied regularly in,” the BBC presenter explained.

However, he warned gardening fans to keep a close eye on tomatoes throughout the summer months.

Monty added: “From late July the risks of blight increase, dependent as it is upon the combination of high humidity and warm days and nights.

“The best defence for outdoor tomatoes is good ventilation and stripping off the lower leaves as the fruits develop helps this, as well as helping the ripening tomatoes have maximum exposure to sun.”

Gardeners’ World airs Fridays at 8pm on BBC Two.

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