GB News guest erupts at Boris Johnson as bumbling persona wearing thin

Boris Johnson’s ‘bumbling persona wearing thin’ says Kearse

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The leader of Tory backbenchers paid Boris Johnson a visit to Downing Street this week amid speculation of growing discontent with the Prime Minister’s leadership. Several Conservative Party members were reported to have submitted letters of no confidence in Mr Johnson following a series of embarrassing U-turns MPs fear could spell trouble at the polls. GB News presenters Dominic Frisby, Nick Dixon and Leo Kears discuss the Prime Minister’s recent performance as they assessed reports of growing internal dissent.

Mr Dixon said: “A delegation of Conservative backbenchers has held talks with Boris Johnson amidst swirling speculation about MPs dissatisfaction over his performance as Prime Minister.

“I sounded a bit, Boris, there good thing I’m not going to start ripping about Peppa Pig.

“Boris must be in more and more trouble lately doesn’t he, I think that Peppa Pig thing seems to…

“We already had pig gate a while ago with Cameron this is now Peppa Pig gate. I’m coining that unless anyone has already claimed that.”

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The GB News panellist continued: “There’s just rumblings at the moment because obviously, the 1922 committee needs 54 letters of no confidence to trigger an election.

“I don’t think they’ve had that yet but there have been rumours that they have had a few letters.”

“There are just rumours that they are not satisfied with Boris.

“If he carries on his political blunders there might be a challenge coming,” Dixon concluded.

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Question Time audience member asks 'is Boris Johnson okay?'

Comedian Leo Kearse joined in: “This is the time for Boris, I mean this has been said before, this is the time for Boris to knuckle down and start treating the position with a bit of dignity instead of just turning up on a zip line rugby tackling a Japenese child and then making some vague racist gaffes.”

There have been reports the Tory whips believe a number of MPs have submitted letters of no confidence in Mr Johnson to Sir Graham – although they remain far short of the 54 required under party rules to trigger a vote on his leadership.

Meanwhile, Downing Street has sought to play down reports of tensions between Mr Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

The Times reported that Mr Sunak was becoming increasingly frustrated with the “chaotic” operation in No 10.

The newspaper said the Chancellor’s chief of staff, Liam Booth-Smith, was being blamed for briefing that there was “a lot of concern in the building” about Mr Johnson.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman insisted that the teams in No 10 and No 11, where the Chancellor is based, “continue to work together very well at all levels”.

Asked if the Prime Minister had confidence in Mr Booth-Smith, the spokesman said: “Of course, the Prime Minister has confidence in the team at No 11. They work very closely together delivering on the public’s priorities.”

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