Geoff turns nasty with Yasmeen in Corrie after telling a big lie

Recently it was revealed Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) and Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) in Coronation Street were going to be heading for a controlling and abusive storyline. For a while we’ve seen Geoff be the friendly member of the cobbles, willing to help people out, but now we’ve slowly started to see Geoff’s true colours come out as he begins to manipulate Yasmeen. Soon his evil actions continue and he begins another scheme to turn nasty with Yasmeen.

So far only viewers know that Geoff was behind the jewellery robbery, and also manipulated Yasmeen’s granddaughter Alya (Sair Khan) into moving out after Alya suspected that Geoff was behind the robbery. He’s continuing to isolate Yasmeen and also told her that he’s got her a new insurance deal and that he gave the old insurance company his details for the missing jewellery by mistake.

Geoff is annoyed that Yasmeen is going for lunch with Cathy (Melanie Hill) and when Yasmeen later reveals she’s joining Ken’s (William Roache) bridge club and will be partnering with Brian (Peter Gunn), Geoff makes out bridge is his favourite game and he’ll partner her instead.

Geoff tells Yasmeen that he’s had a letter from the insurance company, and the money will be in his account in a day or two and he’ll transfer it to her as soon as he can.

Ken hosts his bridge club in the Rovers, but things don’t quite go to plan. As the bridge night descends into chaos and allegations of cheating begin, Geoff takes it on on Yasmeen and back at home accuses her of undermining him.

As Geoff continues to isolate Yasmeen and continues to make her feel like she is constantly in the wrong, how far will his controlling behaviour go? Will anyone be able to help Yasmeen before it’s too late?

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