Germany Eurovision 2022 song lyrics: What does Malik Harris’ performance mean?

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The Eurovision Song Contest returns to BBC One tonight, May 14, for the grand final. Germany will perform for the first time, having skipped the semi-final stages as one of the biggest financial contributors to the event. Malik Harris will be singing Rockstars and here’s all you need to know about his upcoming performance.

What does Germany’s Eurovision song mean?

German-American singer and rapper Malik has been preparing for his Eurovision debut in Turin, Italy.

The star has been writing and playing songs using his guitar for more than 10 years.

He comes from a musical background, with his grandfather being an opera singer and his grandmother a pianist.

His father is a cello teacher and is a dab hand at many other instruments.

Having supported international stars like James Blunt and Tom Odell, Malik hopes to impress the world with his track, Rockstars.

The lyrics include:

Look where we are

We used to be the rockstars

Who never thought of no harm

‘Til this thing we call life stopped gleaming I wish there was a way to go back dreaming Remembering gets so hard

When time is moving so fast

Wish there was a way to know that we‘re in

The good old days before we all just leave ‘em

I tried getting rid of the pain

I tried to make it go away but it probably won‘t change

Always thinking ‘bout my own worries

Remember back when we had no worries?

Now life just ain‘t hitting the same

I sit and miss and reminisce about innocent old days

When I was afraid of nobody

Now I‘m afraid of being a nobody

Don‘t wanna leave my bed

I‘ll just stay and never get it together

‘Cause the voices in my head

They keep saying it‘ll never get better

Malik said it was after he watched a scene in the renowned comedy show The Office that he found inspiration for writing the song.

In an interview with Good Evening Europe TV, he described the song as being “very personal”.

He said: “The Office is the greatest TV show of all time, I’m a huge fan of The Office.

“It’s funny because [Rockstars] doesn’t sound like a song that was inspired by a comedy show.

“The Office has some scenes that really hit deep and that was one of them.

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“I’m not going to spoil which part or who said it but there was this one quote.

“Somebody said ‘I wish there was a way to know you are in the good old days before you have actually left them’.

“That sentence just really hit me right in the feels, I immediately started to cry and it just made me realise how much time I spend, sometimes subconsciously, thinking about the past.

“Comparing myself to the way I was as a kid, this lightheartedness and these mindless times as a child or in my youth when I didn’t really think about anything.

“I was just happy, just unconditionally happy about anything.”

He said the line from The Office made him realise he has “left the good old days behind” and he is “caught up in a lot of worries”.

The star, 24, described himself as an “over-thinker” and immediately after hearing The Office quote, he wanted to write a song about it.

Germany is not predicted to make it into the final top 10 at this moment in time, but things could all change after viewers hear the poignant song.

Eurovision 2022 airs on BBC One on Saturday at 8pm.

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