'Gilmore Girls': The Shows Most Heavily Featured Holidays

Stars Hollow served as the backdrop for some of the best scenes in Gilmore Girls. The tiny town t Lorelai Gilmore and Rory Gilmore called home was picture-perfect, but its quirky inhabitants and fun festivities made it truly special. Part of the series’s charm was how Stars Hollow incorporated the holiday seasons into day-to-day life, but do you know which holiday was most heavily featured and which holiday was completely ignored? 

‘Gilmore Girls’ fans adore the show’s Thanksgiving episodes 

Thanksgiving is the most beloved holiday in all of Stars Hollow. At the very least, it seems that way if you ask fans of the show. The season 3 episode, “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving,” is consistently cited as one of the show’s best holiday episodes. 

In the episode, Lorelai and Rory have to figure out how to attend four different dinners without getting full too early. The entire episode follows Lorelai and Rory as they stop in on Sookie, and then attend the Kim family’s Thanksgiving dinner. They also stop at Emily and Richard Gilmore’s house, and Luke’s diner for additional meals.

The season 6 episode, “He’s Slippin’ ’em Bread…Dig?” is also a classic, according to fans of the series. The Thanksgiving-themed episode also feature’s Rory and Lorelai’s long-awaited reconciliation. The Thanksgiving feast at the Dragonfly Inn is pretty cool, too. 

Christmas was the most celebrated holiday on ‘Gilmore Girls’ 

While Gilmore Girls fans often note the show’s Thanksgiving episodes as their absolute favorite holiday-themed options, Christmas was the most celebrated holiday on the show. Out of the show’s 153 episodes, eight were Christmas-themed or, at the very least, took place during the winter holiday season. 

Each season had a Christmastime episode, but season 7, the show’s farewell season, actually had two. “Merry Fisticuffs” and “Santa’s Secret Stuff” both give a nod to the winter holidays. Fans simply adore the season 1 episode, “Forgiveness and Stuff.” as well.

One important holiday is completely absent from ‘Gilmore Girls’ 

Stars Hollow was a hamlet that regularly held celebrations. The town had a firelight festival, a winter carnival, and even a dance marathon. With so many festivals, you’d assume the town would be bonkers for Halloween. Strangely enough, the residents of the village seemed to mostly skip over the holiday every year. 

There is technically only one episode of the entire series that even references the holiday. The seventh episode of season 6, “Twenty-One Is the Loneliest Number,” mentions Halloween, but it’s far from the main focus. Reddit users argue that it doesn’t even feel particularly linked to the holiday. Rory’s milestone birthday overshadows the barely mentioned Halloween festivities.

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