Glad I wasnt facing Anne! The Weakest Link star dishes jibe at host ahead of BBC reboot

Pointless: Dr Ranj Singh's brother guesses answer is 'pants'

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In a Christmas special episode due to air on Saturday, Dr Ranj Singh will make an appearance on the BBC reboot of the classic show, made famous by flippant presenter Anne Robbinson, who was notoriously rude to contestants. The original show ran from 2000 to 2012, but comedian Romesh will be hosting tonight’s episode. Talking about being on the show, Ranj made a swipe at Anne, admitting he’s “glad” not to be facing her.

“I’m a huge fan of the show and I’ve watched it for years,” the 42-year-old commented.

“I really wanted to take part, but there’s a part of me that is really nervous because I know how intense and pressurised it gets.

“So as long as I’m not out first round, I’ll be pretty proud of myself.”

Speaking to BBC, he took aim at Anne: “I loved the original series, but I’m kind of glad that I’m not facing Anne!”

The doctor explained: “Part of my terror is probably inspired by her – she’s a phenomenal lady by the way.

“I’ve watched it for years. so yes, I’m very much looking forward to being a part of this.”

When asked who he thinks his biggest competition will be, Ranj replied: “My biggest competition is probably Anton [du Beke], because I think we both have this unspoken competition.

“A little bit of rivalry – friendly rivalry of course – but I feel like maybe he and I are going to jostle a little a bit.”

On questions he’d be strong with, the former Strictly contestant explained: “I love anything popular culture, music, medicine and science obviously.

“My weak points are things like history, geography, politics, sport!”

When the game show had been filmed, the TV presenter described his experience as “brutal.”

“Not going to lie, that was brutal,” he remarked.

“I thought these people were my friends! At the end of the day, it’s all for charity and we had a really good time.

“I am gutted that I got down to the final four and then went out – I am proper broken hearted about that!

“I think I banked the most in that round and they should have kept me in, but it is what it is!”

Ahead of this Saturday’s Strictly 2021 final, Ranj was asked about the series.

“Everyone is incredible, they are all great,” he stated.

Speaking before the finalists were confirmed, he estimated correctly: “If I had to really nit-pick, then my top three are: John [Whaite] and Johannes [Radebe], obviously, because what they are doing is iconic and they are absolutely brilliant; AJ [Odudu] and Kai [Widdrington], I think she’s awesome and she’s a northern lass which I love, she is so down to earth and she’s in there smashing it; but I think Rose [Ayling-Ellis] is just incredible.”

He added: “To do what she has done, to come this far from someone who has never danced before, and it do it all without even hearing a single note, to me that is something special.

“I think she’s inspiring not just to deaf and hard of hearing people, but she’s inspiring to everybody else.”

The Weakest Link airs on Saturday at 6.10pm on BBC One.

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