Glad you said that? Shaun leaves Bradley Walsh speechless with crude The Chase blooper

The Chase: Shaun makes innuendo about conkers

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Bradley Walsh presented a New Year’s treat for fans of The Chase on Sunday and exposed a number of hilarious moments where the popular quiz show got out of hand. Shaun ‘The Dark Destroyer’ Wallace left the ITV presenter gobsmacked with a crude joke which went straight to the show’s blooper reel.

Shaun’s innuendo-laden gaffe got started when his jab at contestant Ocean didn’t go quite according to plan.

“I’ve got a road trip for you,” he jeered. “A bus back to Blackpool.”

Unfortunately, his voice was a little slurred so Shaun’s goading didn’t sound as impressive as intended.

The Chase presenter Bradley couldn’t help mocking the Chaser’s garbled speech in the unaired deleted scene.

He jabbed and teased: “What, you’ve got a mouthful of marbles? What’re you doing?”

Ocean chimed in: “He’s got a mouthful of conkers!”

Bradley laughed and said: “Indeed, he’s got his own conkers in his mouth.”

The other contestants laughed appreciatively, and Shaun leapt at the chance to make a crude joke.

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” he chuckled, prompting uproarious laughter from the audience.

Bradley was stunned by the comment and took several moments to compose himself.

He asked Shaun: “Bet you’re glad you said that, aren’t you?”

Shaun shrugged and nodded as Bradley added: “Straight on the blooper reel, son!”

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His conkers gag wasn’t the first time Shaun got the show off the rails over the past year.

The long-running Chaser hit pause on the recording yet again when a mispronunciation made him give his glasses a check.

“Henning Mankell, I think, wrote Kurt Wallander, and Robert Carlyle played Hamish Macbeef,” he tried to explain.

Bradley swooped in on Shaun’s misreading of the classic play and joked: “Do you mean Macbeef, written by William Shakesbo?”

A bashful Shaun tried to defend himself, claiming: “I think there’s a glint on these glasses.

“I can see it now,” he insisted, holding up the show by removing his specs to check the lenses several times.

When Shaun finally got the pronunciation right, it was clearly too late as Bradley had been lost to another fit of the giggles.

The wildly popular TV quiz show will be back on screens very soon, but thankfully with the biggest filming disasters edited out.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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