GMB doctor gets vaccination on Lorraine: 'It was a bit emotional'

Dr Amir Khan shared the moment he got the first dose of coronavirus vaccine on today’s Lorraine, telling Ranvir Singh that he was ‘a bit emotional’ as he received it.

The medical expert appeared from his hospital in Bradford on today’s episode, and ahead of a shift as an NHS frontline worker, revealed he had been and got the vaccine earlier this morning.

Dr Amir was given the vaccine as part of the second priority group, which is frontline workers who are continuing to fight coronavirus.

He told Ranvir: ‘Honestly i feel really positive, it was a bit of an emotional moment really.’

Filming the moment he got the vaccine, the doctor was in hospital scrubs and a face mask as he met with the nurse, who asked him a series of questions about his allergies, whether he was pregnant, or if he had recently had any other vaccines.

Dr Amir was then in shock when the vaccine was injected into his arm quickly and painlessly, exclaiming: ‘Was that it?!’ as he finished up.

Ranvir cheered on the nurse, with Dr Amir saying he stayed with the nurse for 15 minutes to ensure there were no side effects.

The GP also assured worried viewers that the Pfizer vaccine did not contain any animal products, so was safe for vegans and anyone who for religious reasons, didn’t want it.

While there may be some who have an allergic reaction to getting the vaccine, he added that was perfectly normal and not in the majority.

The vaccine works by dampening the symptoms of coronavirus, so if you were to catch it, you would be less likely to suffer severely from its effects.

However, he noted that you would still be able to pass on the virus, and so if you did test positive for it, that you stay at home until you were feeling better.

Lorraine airs weekdays from 9am on ITV.

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