GMB’s Ben Shephard jibes Charlotte Hawkins over Strictly Come Dancing stint

Strictly: Charlotte Hawkins recalls her time on the show

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Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid hosted Good Morning Britain on Monday morning and the presenting duo spent some of the programme poking fun at their ITV co-star Charlotte Hawkins. While speaking about the iconic Blackpool Tower Ballroom reopening, Ben took the opportunity to tease Charlotte about her time on BBC dance show Strictly Come Dancing.

The famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom has now reopened amid the easing of restrictions which is being referred to as Freedom Day.

While watching images of dancers in the ballroom Ben said: “You know that dance floor well Susanna.”

“Oh I do, yes. Doing a little Paso on the Strictly ballroom there. What a fantastic piece of history,” Susanna remarked.

“Does it bring back memories for you Charlotte?” Ben asked.

“Unfortunately it doesn’t bring back any memories for me whatsoever,” Charlotte replied.

“Why not?” Ben asked, teasing his co-star who replied: “Because I never got to Blackpool!

“And the shame is you’ve got your injury now so you won’t be able to do Strictly.

“It rules you out for this year doesn’t it?” Charlotte remarked.

Ben laughed and said: “I have a professional reason for the first time ever. I’m actually not allowed.

“They do look like they’re having a wonderful time though, how lovely that they can go and enjoy that incredible space and their passion for ballroom dancing,” he commented.

Charlotte took part in the 2017 series of Strictly Come Dancing, but didn’t have much success on the celebrity dance show.

She was voted off the programme in week four with her professional dance partner Brendan Cole.

This wasn’t the only teasing Charlotte endured on Monday’s Good Morning Britain though, as Susanna and Ben also mocked her outfit.

She donned a pale purple blazer dress on the programme, but her co-stars decided to compare her look to some other recognisable clothing.

Ben said: “Someone’s pointed out on Twitter, Charlotte’s come dressed as a nurse this morning as well.”

Charlotte hit back, saying: “So you’re going to start other demands as well as cups of tea. I’m not doing any leg massages if that’s what you’re thinking.

“Oh come on!” Charlotte exclaimed, as a picture of a nurse in a purple uniform appeared on-screen.

Susanna laughed: “It’s literally the uniform.”

“It’s not! This is a very on-trend blazer dress I think you’ll find. Look it’s got the buttons there,” Charlotte replied, defending her outfit.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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