Goggleboxs Sophie Sandiford emotional at idea of brother Pete going to war: Its scary

Gogglebox: Pete and Sophie discuss fighting in Ukraine

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Gogglebox’s iconic duo Sophie and Pete Sandiford left viewers in tears last night after Sophie broke down in tears at the thought of having to leave her brother if he was needed to fight in a war. As the pair were watching the latest updates on the current war between Ukraine and Russia, Pete noted that he didn’t know how he’d feel if he had to stay behind as many families have done. Getting emotional at the thought, Sophie broke down in tears just at the thought of having to leave Pete in a war.

As the pair watched the news reports, Pete said: “I don’t know how I would feel if I got held back, you know, to fight the war because what do you do?

“You can’t go ‘No, I’m not going’, but with the same token, do I really wanna be getting shot at and potentially killed?”

Sophie sat quietly next to her brother and simply replied: “Yeah.”

Pete continued: “You know what is more valuable to me?”

Sophie began getting emotional and quipped: “Don’t, it’s choking me up even thinking about that because I would just stay with you.”

Pete laughed and said: “Nah, you wouldn’t, I f*****g wouldn’t let you, you little soft a**e, stop it, you k**bhead because you’re going to make me cry, we’re here, you f*****g idiot.”

“I know, but it’s just scary,” she replied, with tears rolling down her face.

Viewers of the Channel 4 show were left just as emotional as the brother/sister duo and took to social media to express their compassion for them.

Millie Sansoye wrote: “What I love is how Sophie and Pete take the piss out of each other, but they really love each other.

“She said she’d stay behind with him if that’s was a war #Gogglebox.”

@Cheryl_McN said: “Pete and Sophie have me sobbing. That sibling bond they have is so strong. #gogglebox.”

@animalmad08 commented: “Just when you think you couldn’t love Pete and Sophie anymore…. #gogglebox.”

Catherine McKiernan added: “I’m so envious of Pete and Sophie’s relationship. How lucky are they to have such a loving brother-sister bond. Really choked me up #gogglebox.”

@JayJay496 quipped: “Cheers, Sophie and Pete, I’m now a blubbering mess! @PeteandSophie #Gogglebox.”

Amy Beth replied: “When Sophie said she’d stay with Pete #Gogglebox.”

Other Gogglebox regulars were also blown away by the families being split up due to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions.

Jenny Newby emotionally stated: “They are just taking little overnight bags, aren’t they? They aren’t even taking any belongings or anything.”

As Lee Riley agreed: “Families are being split up, and their husbands or sons are going to war because of Putin!”

Marcus Ven told his wife Mica: “All the men from I believe it’s 18-60 have to stay and fight, so that is a lot of widows…”

Gogglebox airs Friday at 9pm on Channel 4.

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