Grey's Season 19 Finale Is a 'Big One — Celebratory But Also Quite Shocking,' Warns Co-Director Kevin McKidd

Better keep those defibrillator paddles charged, Grey’s Anatomy fans. The ABC drama’s Season 19 sendoff is going to be a doozy, Kevin McKidd told TVLine at the show’s recent PaleyFest sit-down. “It’s a two-hour finale this year, and I’m directing the first hour of that. It’s going to be a big one.”

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Not only does OG Ellen Pompeo return for her first post-series-regular appearance as Meredith — perhaps to tie up loose ends with Scott Speedman’s Nick? — but some major s—t goes down. So on one hand, since McKidd’s longtime castmate is scrubbing in and “the place isn’t the same without her… it’s celebratory,” said the vet, who’s played Owen since Season 5.

But on the other, “it’s also quite shocking. There are going to be some things in it that people are going to be kind of surprised and shocked at.” Not to mention, apparently, heartbroken over; just look at what Camilla Luddington (Jo) tweeted on April 4.

For his part, McKidd is only too delighted that the Thursday, May 18, season ender (starting at 9/8) has been supersized. “Sometimes we do a two-hour finale, sometimes we don’t,” he noted. “I’ve directed the first hour of the two-hour finales before, so this isn’t a new feeling for me, but it’s always fun because I get to collaborate with the [other director, in this case] the legend Debbie Allen,” the EP who also recurs as Catherine. “Our episodes are connected. So we very much have to work together to get those episodes working in tandem and in concert with each other. So that’s a really fun side of a two-hour finale.” (With reporting by Scott Huver)

Now it’s your turn to have some fun. Hit the comments with what you expect, what you hope and what you fear will happen in the Season 19 finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

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