‘Have you done this before?’ Sunday Brunch guest mocks Tim Lovejoy over blunder

Sunday Brunch: Guests cringe and Tim's terrible joke

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Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer hosted Sunday Brunch this weekend and welcomed Gary Barlow, Jamie Cullum and Arabella Weir onto the Channel 4 show. However, the programme quickly went awry after Tim after he made a bad joke about Gary’s music and then stumbled over his words. As a result, the trio of celebrity guests delighted in teasing Tim for his errors.

When introducing Take That star Gary onto one segment of the show, Tim attempted to make a joke about the band’s hit track A Million Love Songs.

The presenter began: “He’s a superb songwriter and obviously he uses creative licence to tell a story.

“But, a million love songs? A million Gary?” Tim exclaimed in an exaggerated manner.

After a long pause, Gary remarked: “What? Have I missed something here?”

The studio instantly erupted with laughter as Tim desperately tried to move on from his failed joke.

“Let’s hope he doesn’t exaggerate. It’s Gary Barlow, welcome to the show!” Tim exclaimed.

“I thought I’d missed a catchphrase or something there,” Gary said.

Tim tried his best to explain and justify his bad joke about the Take That star’s songwriting.

The presenter explained: “It’s just I was working on the idea that a million’s quite a lot, whereas like 100 might be not so much.”

Simon butted in, teasing his co-host: “You know they say if you have to explain a joke it’s probably not a very good one.”

“Yeah, I mean I’d go with a thousand, but a million? Really?” Tim said.

Fellow musician Jamie came to Gary’s defence, saying: “It sounds better in the song than 100.”

Arabella added: “Also someone’s done quite a famous song with 500 in the title.”

“Have they?” Jamie questioned, unsure of which track the comedian was referring to.

“I Would Walk 500 Miles,” Arabella replied. “So, he had to go for a million because it was the only one left.”

“Right, I wish I hadn’t written that bit actually,” Tim said, conceding he regretted attempting his bad joke.

Admitting defeat, he swiftly tried to move on with the rest of the programme.

However, as he began to explain the King of the Tin segment, Tim started to stumble over his words.

“Have you done this before?” Gary asked, laughing at the presenter as he struggled to get back on track.

Sunday Brunch airs Sundays at 9:30am on Channel 4.

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