His Dark Materials fans in tears as two major characters shot dead within minutes in heartbreaking series 2 finale

HIS Dark Materials fans were left in tears tonight as two major characters were shot dead within minutes in a heartbreaking series 2 finale.

The BBC drama's second series – based on The Subtle Knife, the second book in Philip Pullman's series – came to a dramatic conclusion tonight.

*Major spoilers ahead for the series 2 finale of His Dark Materials*

And it didn't end well for two characters, with fan favourite Lee Scoresby – played by Lin-Manuel Miranda – being shot by The Magisterium during a gun fight.

After taking shots to the leg and top of his head, Lee was then blasted in the chest, leading to a final, heartbreaking exchange with his daemon, Hester, before they perished.

Fans were left in bits as he lay on the ground motionless, but more heartbreak was to come minutes later when Will's big reunion with his father, Colonel John Parry, also ended in tragedy.

John, played by Fleabag star Andrew Scott, told his son he had a big mission ahead of him as the keeper of the knife, and that he was proud of him.

But before they could carry on their reunion, John saw a member of The Magisterium taking aim at his son and quickly spun him round so he took the bullet instead.

As Will held his dad, John told him: "Let me look at you, the light is full of angels, they will guide you now."

Will then took his dad's jacket and started out once again on his journey, determined to be strong despite his loss.

Viewers were left heartbroken by the two deaths, and took to Twitter to share their sorrow.

One wrote: "Im an emotional WRECK HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO ME."

Another added: "Even though I knew what was coming it was still brutal."

A third tweeted: "Sobs for all eternity forever and ever amen #leescoresby #JohnParry #HisDarkMaterials."

Meanwhile a fourth shared: "I haven't read the books in years and so I wasn't expecting Lee's death. Tears in my eyes watching him and Hestor."

His Dark Materials is available on BBC iPlayer.

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