Holly Willoughby falls over live on This Morning as she spins in Pride Month skirt

HOLLY Willoughby left her co-host Phillip Schofield swearing after she hilariously spun out of control during the opening of This Morning today.

The 57-year-old presenter was left in stitches as he blurted out a profanity when Holly, 38, fell over after attempting to show-off her rainbow-coloured skirt.

Holly poked out her tongue as she fell to the studio floor and giggled as her attempt to twirl failed in a clip they showed during the opening segment of today's show.

Watching his pal fall over in the video captured before they went to air, he said: "You dizzy [bleep]. Oh my God. Don't pass out."

"My whole head went. It was like sitting in a rainbow puddle there," answered Holly as she felt the effects of spinning around.

Phil responded to her twirling fail and added: "It was a shame you couldn't do it."

The ITV darling was celebrating Pride month in her £344 Kitty Joesph skirt when she lost her balance and slipped on the studio's wooden floor.

Fortunately for Holly, she managed to avoid injury and was back on her feet once she could contain her laughter.

"When you're a kid you can spin round forever but when you're an adult you can't do that anymore," she said upon reflection.

As she attempted one last try, she squealed: "I better be careful I don't flash my pants. It keeps going, I can feel it. It's like my brain is on a loop."


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In the aftermath of the slip-up, Phil gave Holly some helpful tips on how to spin without losing her footing, including one method that ballerinas use and told her to "fix her eyes" on a particular spot while she twirled.

As they got the show back on track, Holly joked that she felt she was "slightly stepping" on Phil's toes in her rainbow-coloured skirt, which she likened to the jacket he wore during his stint in musical Joesph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat during the nineties.

The rib-tickling moment comes a day after the pair were left in a fit of laughter on yesterday's instalment as they showed naughty pictures that had been drawn by innocent children.

Mum Vicci Barnhouse revealed her how her daughter's picture of a slide was mistaken for a penis by nursery staff.

Vicci's daughter Amelia tried to recreate her memory of a fun school trip to the Brecon Beacons but her phallic-looking slide prompted staff to pull her embarrassed mum in for a chat.

Before Holly had even started to talk, she tried to hold in her giggles by covering her mouth with her hand.

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